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A Chinese American

25 April 2010

A Chinese American thinks she is full of Niubility (NB), and likes to play Zhuangbility (装B), which only reflects her Shability (SB)

The copyright of my posture is reserved;
copycat will not be tolerated!

本人坐姿, 版权所有;
严禁模仿, 违者必究!

You know I am who ma? Ben woman is a yellow-skin white-heart Chinese-speaking American journalist who can seize a microphone jump onto the platform shouting yelling call wind call rain known as a river lake old hun hun. Ben woman work for a big name ding ding American newspaper. You Shanghai Expo authority give me small heart dian, if not,I will ask Mr Huang, Mr Zhang and Mr Fang to send Monsanto's GM rice and tufo to your canteens!


What? You say ben woman speaking Chinglish not English? You don't understand history. Chinese is a copycat of Japanese, Japanese is a copycat of English, English is a copycat of American language, so there is no difference between Chinglish and English, because they are all copycats of Americalish.

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