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Gain Upper Hands Against Tigers

31 March 2010

Many three-year olds can barely run properly, but this three-year old Chinese girl named Zhang Little Swallow can fly. Little Swallow (张小燕) is not even 1 meter tall, but on March 30, 2010, she ascended a rope 10 meters above the ground in a wild animal park in Changzhou (常州), Jiangsu Province (江苏).

It was a heroic act by any measure, not only because the path is extremely narrow and constantly weaving, the foundation under the path is absent, but on the field below there were tigers from China's northeast roaming and roaring, furious for a little human getting upper hands (and legs) against them. Some of them were so aggressive that they leapt into the air or climbed onto the tree, trying to reach Swallow and tear her apart.

However, Little Swallow is a master. She did not bother to voice empty protests over tigers' provocation, but kept walking the walk until reached the destination. It wasn't a brisk voyage, sure, which took her 20 minutes to cover 50 meters of distance. But, time is on her side and she has completed her planned journey, which is all that matters. Don't you agree?

P.S. The following reports are yet to be specified:

After the performance was over, it is said that the tigers decided to give up their dream to swallow Swallow in raw since the little girl left the area and was out of their reach. It is also said that the tigers asked the zoo keeper to send an email to the girl to let her know that they would like to respect her hands and legs as integral parts of her body and allow her to live in one piece.

Allegedly Swallow's grand papa was deeply touched by the tigers' message of reconciliation and prepared to reply to the email expressing his gratitude to the beasts for respecting Swallow's rights to co-exist with them in this world.

But the email is believed to be discarded by Swallow's mommy. "Her rights to live and to live without losing one hand or leg is her basic human rights which needs no one to give an extra endorsement," she allegedly announced. Her mom also suspected that the zoo passed the message to her daughter for a reason: It hoped the little girl would donate the reward she earned for rope walking to help renovating the tigers' playground. She also convinced that if an opportunity occurs again, the beasts will not be hesitant to attack Little Swallow again.

"Remember this, never listen to what beasts say, but watch what beasts do!", the mother warned the daughter, reportedly.

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