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Paper Tiger Bites
When It Is Made of U.S. Money Notes (2)

27 March 2010

America’s match fixing practice in the international financial game has finally backfired in 2008.

The nature of the 2008 financial crisis is of no difference to the Asian Financial Meltdown occurred in 1998, all are directly resulted from American financial institutions’ shady practice of deception. The only variation is that in the late crisis, America's investment banks not only tricked and ripped off people in the foreign states, but targeted their fellow countrymen as well, and the amount involved is believed to be way too large. Consequently, their own system collapsed.

Please take a look at the man in the front of the picture featuring on the cover of the Time Magazine. Yep, he was the the Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States for 19 years and the number one culprit responsible for the Wall Street financial crisis 2008. He made not just one or two mistakes, but a long string of them in a time span of ten years when he was in charge of American financial institutions. How can we ever trust this man again? And ever believe the myth about the invincibility of the Western economic system that he represents?

Please also take a look at the man in the right back of the picture with a stony poker face. Yep, he is the one who accused Asian financial system of being responsible for 1998 financial meltdown. But can you tell me American banks are free of the sins that are said to be committed by Asian banks? In the 2008 crisis, American myth burst and now the Three Marketeers are look less like Three Musketeers, but more like three Masters of Cheats.

As this being said, when you read the flattery words next to their images, don’t you feel your intelligence has been insulted by the typical American-style propaganda?

The current problems with the American dollar are clearly due to the double pressure placed on the currency: an outstanding trade deficit and a massive government debt. You don’t need an economics degree to figure out that there is only one solution to the problem: reduce either the trade deficit or the government debt. There's no other way round.

Now you can see, economics is basically a simple subject, very simple. However, until this financial crisis, America’s economic gurus who have collected 80 percent of the Nobel Economic Prize were virtually all blind to the economic reality.

The Western economic studies have gone astray. Of course, it wouldn't really matter to most people in the world had American economics kept their pathetic theories to themselves and refrained from meddling in matters related to the economic policies. Sadly, it is not in their nature, and they just can’t help it. Therefore, these people are responsible and unforgivable for the financial troubles in today’s world.

Do you know how fast the Americans are accumulating their debt? In 2007, it is $1 million per minute; in 2010, $285 millions per minute. Go figure.

If the United States is a man drowning in a stream, by now the water has reached his chest level. But soon, it will rise to his neck. And if he can’t get himself out of the mess very quickly, he will drown for sure.

So as you can see, American government has to take big measures without delay and American people need to alter their parasite lifestyle immediately.

But has anyone ever detected any signs of a meaningful change in that country? Nope. So far, it's business as usual. While deep in debt, Americans are still searching around to find more money to borrow in order to support their lives in luxury.

If they keep going on like this, I doubt America as a nation will be able to hold itself up beyond 2020.

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