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21 March 2010

China's southwest region has been hit hard by the most severe drought in the century, which covers 6 percent of China's territory and affects lives of more than 50-million people. Thirsty kids are searching around for water to drink and exhausted adults are keeping working on water conservancy projects to save their crops.

A villager in Yunnan Province is trying to collect some water in the bottom of a reservoir.

A villager in Guizhou Province is trying to collect some water at the bottom of a well.

A group of villagers in Yunnan Province carry buckets filled with water that was collected from a river 800m below their village.

The group include women, children and old people.

Thirsty people are waiting to draw water from a newly dug well.

A thirsty kid drinks water from a giant saucepan cover.

People have not given up, though, nor do they sit and wait for the outside help to come. The peasants of Appropriate Gain Village in Yunnan are structuring water channels and preparing for spring plow.

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