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Chinese Pyramids

27 March 2010


For the first time, Chinese archaeologists learned that China is also home to pyramids dating back to ancient eras, according to the news released by the dean of the cultural relic museum in Fuzhou Township (抚州), in China’s inland Jiangxi Province (江西).

The pyramid shown in the photo sits atop the hill that is 1214 meters above sea level in the mountainous region in Wuzhou’s Congren county (崇仁县). The ground floor area of the structure is said to be more than 5,000 square meters, with the front and the back measuring 32 meters long, and the both sites measuring 35.4 meters wide. It has four levels in total; each is about 1.5m high and recedes 1.2m from the front of the lower level, shaping a typical pyramid formation.

In the centre of the structure is a stone gateway, 6.6 meters tall; and on the gate there are eight Chinese characters arranged in four groups which could be roughly translated as the following:

道岸: Path shore;
巴陵: Sichuan tomb;
天共: Sky share;
相山: Appearance mountain.

The second pyramid is situated 700 meters away on a hilltop that is slightly taller than the first one, but on a modest scale of around 1600 meters of ground floor space.

Both structures are built of stones, with no mortise and tenon joints found and no trace of mortar detected, yet stand firmly on the hilltops and blend perfectly into the surrounding environment as if naturally grown on earth.

So far no one can tell what is the intended functionality of the structures; nor has anybody been able to decode the true meaning of the four phrases. Clearly, there are still a lot to study about and to learn from the ancient Chinese civilisation.

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