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What Chinese Say about the U.S. Ultimatum Demanding China to Revaluate the Currency

27 March 2010

What Chinese say about the America's Ultimatum to Chinese Government Demanding China to Help Fixing America's Economy by Appreciation of Chinese Currency:


For the purpose of weakening Euro, America mobilized a war against Kosovo; for the purpose of weakening RMB, America mobilized one hundred Congressmen against China.



That’s what they exactly are. Had they had any good will towards Chinese people, China would be long returned to prosperity under the leadership of the Eight-Power Allied Forces from the West when they invaded China more than a hundred years ago, and China wouldn’t undergo the chaos and poverty in the first half of the last century and Chinese people wouldn’t need to sweat the blood out to redevelop the nation.



American Congressmen and women may still reckon this year is 1900 when the United States joined the Allied Forces occupied China. But by then it was one of the eight powers who decided China's fate, now, they think America can do it on its own.



Allegedly America never bows on the international terrorists, which has a lot for China to learn. China should never bow on the international dictator. Or there will be no end of it.



My query: If RMB indeed is to be risen in value by Chinese government, wouldn’t it also be considered as currency manipulation?



My suggestion: America can depreciate their dollar, which will surely rise the value of RMB, relatively. Americans have printed too many dollar notes, which is a blatant manipulation of their currency.



My view: We’ll be in big big trouble this time. If RMB is appreciated, the hot money will flow in and the bubble of our property market will burst; If RMB is not appreciated, we will be listed as a currency manipulation country which won’t make our life pleasant.



True. There is little room for China to manoeuvre, really. Once the trade war begins, America may be able to ease its unemployment problem a bit, but a large number of Chinese workers may lose their jobs. Of course, on the other hand, it is questionable if the Americans would be willing to take those jobs.



Americans get used to live an easy life at the cost of others. After finished their lunch cooked by Chinese and sold to them below the market price, they pat their fat tummy and complain to Chinese vendor: Hi, buddy, can you not work so hard, and not to offer me with such delicious and cheap meals? Do you know what you are doing to me? You’re making me lose my cooking skills. It’s outrageous!



If we meet their demand, China will get hurt. If we don't meet their demand, Americans will list us as currency manipulators, and China and America will both get hurt. They are so unreasonable, why should we bear the loss alone? I’d rather to parish together with them.



Americans want to start trade war? Good on them, not a problem, not at all. It’s the way to let our government understand that they should not put their faith in foreign powers. Instead, they should work with their own people on grassroots level. China is a big country, and must not forever rely on export business for economic development. We have worked like slaves for the foreign businessmen for too long already.



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