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31 March 2010

Roughly pronounced as Nail Chin Gone Change:

Cast aside the bow once the birds are gone, which means cast somebody aside when he has served his purpose, which means after successfully insulted Chinese by meeting their traitor Dalai Lama in the White House, Obama disposed him through a back door.

Roughly pronounced as Cook Her Chap Chop:

Burn the bridge after crossing the river, which means discard one's helpers after their help is made use of, which means after using the Dalai group for a theatrical show, the lamas are dumped through a rubbish dumping exit.

Roughly pronounced as Shed Most Sham Loser:

Kill the donkey the moment it leaves the millstone, which means get rid of somebody as soon as he has done his job, which means the British registered Rio Tinto sacked his Chinese staff the moment they were found guilty of commercial espionage against China.

Roughly pronounced as To She Go Pan:

When all hares are killed, the hounds will be stewed and eaten, which means trusted aides are eliminated when they have outlived their usefulness, which means Australian based Rio Tinto terminated the employment of Stern Hu for having behaved in a "deplorable" manner after he was convicted of bribery during price negotiation with China on the behalf of Rio and thus sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by a Chinese court.

All above are good lessons for those who led or are leading or intend to lead the way for the bandits to rob and kill their own people. Please good good study, so as not to day day fall ... to hell.

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