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Tibetan Tangka
Cruel & Absurd

5 February 2010

About ten years ago, New York’s Tibetan Culture Centre has published a book titled Wisdom and Compassion, the Sacred Art of Tibet. The art of the sacred that is effusively praised and vociferously promoted by the Americans is none other but sex, in particular sex outside marriage, sex with minors, sex in groups and sex with animals.

A typical man-eating demon of Tobetan god

Tibetan lamas and their Western followers love to attribute the vicious demons and their nasty actions to a tantric connotation of lofty significance which is said to be beyond human comprehension. It makes us wonder if we have also wrongly judged, say, the holocaust from a narrow human perspective (which may explain why Dalai Lama at the time forged a close association with Nazi), and whether all mass murderers are in fact doing great service to the mankind (which probably is why the West would feel so angry when Tibetan terrorists were prosecuted).

But the true nature of the “sacred arts” is even more sinister than that.

In many parts of Asia there is a voodoo art called Adopt Infant Spirits (养小鬼), in which a black magician would provide the remains of dead children with human blood each midnight to turn them into shadowy foot soldiers. If you think the witchcraft like this is ominous enough to disturb the order of human society, imagine what Tibetan Lamaism, that is forging a liaison with the demon kings, was, is and will be doing to Tibet, China and the world.

American culture, characterised with shallowness, greed and violence, has always been regarded as having a low taste, but when it takes such weird and wicked acts as holy and divine, it goes beyond the matter of taste. And when this culture, with the backing of the U.S. military power (its defense budget is going to be a whopping $700 billion for 2011), is poised to take over the entire world, it becomes a colossal threat to the human civilisation.

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Chinese Armies Defend Tibet

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At the end of the world

The PLA brings the light and life to the mountain that is dark and cold.

(Source: 铁血社区)

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