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A Loud Voice in China

2 February 2010

Reportedly, there is a growing voice in China urging Chinese government to sell 9.11-billion-yuans of military weapons to Iran, claiming such sales will contribute to maintaining security and stability across the Middle East.

Further, there are also calls from loud-spoken Chinese Netizens on the government to offer free training on classic Chinese Art of Wars (including the invisible matrix and Odd Gates and Eight Trigrams) to organisations within the United States fighting for freedom (like indigenous Indians, Paper Revolutionaries) and independence (such as in Hawaii and Alaska). A proposal to set up government sponsored broadcasting services titled Voice of China and Free North America is also believed to have been put forward to the authority for consideration.

Iran is expected to welcome the China move.

Allegedly, Iranian PM told reporters that if the weapons deal goes ahead as proposed by the grassroots Chinese it would give Iran "more confidence and a sense of security to go forward in developing a more constructive relationship with the United States."

So far, America refuses to rule out the use of force to attack and invade Iran, as it has done to Iraq, which caused a massive civilian death and total destruction of the nation.

Obama regime is believed will be very angry when learns the news.

Many Chinese reject the notion that the move is picking a fight with the U.S. They believe that China should ignore the possible protest by the international dictator, the Obama regime, as China must be committed to the defence of the Middle East peace and guard against America's attempt to unify the world by force.

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