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The West's Cyber War Against China

17 January 2010

The latest official Chinese figures show that the number of internet users in China increased nearly 30% last year to reach 384 million - which is close to the entire population in the United States. Of the 384 million, over 90 percent use broadband to access the Internet.

Chinese dominance on the online scene is quite alarming to the West, thus it is not surprise to hear increased claims accusing Chinese of mounting cyber attacks against innocent and defenceless America and its Western friends.

However, According to America’s Symantec Corp., a leading web security provider, in terms of the number of the computers attacked by spy viruses initiated from other countries, China is the biggest or the second biggest victim in the world.

As early as in 2000, a British media disclosed a cyber spying plan set up by CIA. The objective of the plan is to develop CIA's ability to gain access to the computer systems of major businesses, banking institutions and government organisations worldwide, with China being the prime target.

Professor Meng Xiangqing (孟祥青), a Chinese military expert, pointed out that the accusations from the West are to serve as a smoking gun to cover their sinister cyber activities against China, whose rapid economic development and firm independent stance are regarded as the biggest threat to the centuries-long global dominance by the West in politics, military, economy and culture.

The professor revealed one incident happened more than two years ago, in which a number of computer systems of the important Chinese government departments and military organisations were break-in by the hackers from overseas. It is reported that thousands of computers in China’s vital sectors are under constant threat by tens of thousands Trojan horses based else where especially designed to target China.

The purpose of West’s cyber assault on China is not only confined to steal information, but as well as to stir social unrest and instigate violent riots. Lhasa Riot 2008 and Urumqi Riot 2009 are just two cases in point.

Take Zhewa Online (哲瓦在线). It is a cyber project set up in May, 2006, by a secret contract between American International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) and Canada-based Sangzhu Consulting Firm (桑珠咨询公司), a Tibetan company financed by, commanded under and reported to the United States. Two years later, Zhewa Online became one of the major online organisers of the Lhasa riot.

(Reference: 国际先驱导报: 美国每年出巨资雇网络间谍策反中国网民)

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3rd Chinese Longmarch
Sent 3rd China Compass into Space

China's Compass (Beidou, 北斗卫星导航系统) Navigation Satellite 3 was successfully sent into the orbit by China's Longmarch Rocket 3 (长征三号丙) early this morning at 0:12 Beijing Time.

China plans to provide regional navigation satellite service in position, timing and speed in 2012 with a constellation of 12 satellites, and establish a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) in 2020 consisting of 35 satellites.

Chinese-made Beidou is expected to rival the US-developed GPS, the EU's Galileo positioning system.

(Source 孙自法 唐振宇 - 中新网)

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