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Virtual Terrorist Arrested in Canada

19 January 2010

According to Canada Torontosun, a college student named Zameer Zahid was arrested by Barrie police for posting his photos on his Facebook page in which he posts with guns and threatens to shoot himself in the mirror.

The leading police investigator told the court that at least three female students he interviewed appeared to be very upset over the photos to the point that “they were crying”. And one particular faint hearted girl “was so afraid” that “she was freaking out.”

“What did you think when you read it?” Crown attorney Mary Ann Alexander asked the supposedly stronger-hearted anti-online terrorism hero.

“To tell you the truth, it was disturbing,” said the police investigator.

“Did you find anything humorous about it?” the Crown kept probe.

“Absolutely not, Your Honour” the police investigator returned sternly. “It put the police, including myself, in the state of needing to act. We needed to protect the citizens of Barrie.”

And immediate action they did take. Several police officers laid siege over the school and arrested the student when he arrived for a 5 p.m. class. It is said that the virtual terrorist had an odour of alcohol on his breath and his breathalyzer test gave readings of .165 and .168, way above the legal limit.

It seems Zahid is not always clear-minded and probably doesn’t know what he is doing from time to time. But so what, whether the crime is committed in virtual world or by a mentally unsound fella, temporary or permanent, Canada’ Law cannot be compromised.

The trial is said to be set for one more day on Jan. 28, 2010.









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