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Is He A Superboy Sent by Aliens?

20 January 2010

If you think Superman is just a Hollywood fancy, look at this little kid.

According to a report by on January 16, 2010, this little boy has been considered as a dangerous terrorist suspect ever since he was 2. By then even he was yet to develop an ability to communicate with other human beings in human language, he was, nevertheless, viewed by American authorities for possibly being the part of terrorist network with a capacity to blow up American aircrafts, thus was a target of extra security measures at airports. Now he is eight, and the dander he imposes to America national security has increased four times. Alarming!

However, his parents, one is a US Navy veteran and another a photojournalist, insist their son is not a superman sent by aliens but a normal kid with no connection to any terrorist organisations whatsoever. After all, when terrorists blew up the World Trade Centre, he wasn’t there, and wasn’t even in this world, so he should not be responsible for the action and the consequences. But American authorities don’t seem to be so sure. They are, for some reason, scared of this little tot.

His parents first learnt of his supposed dangerous nature when they could not get him a seat in a flight because he was, as they were told, “on the list”. The toddler was then patted down and passed through Newark airport in New Jersey. Imagine a spectacular scene in which a terrorist suspect with a seemingly innocent giggling was carried in the arms of his parent when went through special airport security inspection conducted by a group of armed security guards!





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In Taiwan's parliament, a violent brawl broke out on Monday afternoon, AGAIN!

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It serves as another timely reminder to the rest of the decent Chinese people in the mainland and Hong Kong that the imported America-style democracy is a great leap backward from 5,000-year old Chinese civilisation.

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