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South Street Village:
Divided We Fall,
United We Stand Tall

10 January 2010

Huaxi Village (华西村) is arguably the richest village in China, and the villagers would tell you that it is because they run a collective economy. However, others may dispute that Huaxi is situated in nation's most affluent region, Jiangnan.

But South Street Village is in China’s one of the poorest provinces, Henan (河南), and it also becomes one of the most developed modern villages in the country. Like Huaxi, it has a commune system in place; in the past 30 years, its GDP has grown almost 2,100 times, its total annual income reaches a massive 1.6 billion yuans and its per capita income is more than 3 times above the national rural average.

A commune structure is a revolutionary creation initiated by Mao Zedong and Chinese Communist Party, which had transformed a thousands year-old Chinese rural system into a foundation for common wealth and rural modernisation.

Regrettably, this new inspiration was forced to end about 30 years ago, as some certain decision-makers in the past tended to think anything which is not modeled after that of America should be considered as backward thus ought to be trashed.

However, thirty years on, China comes to witness a farce played out by rural reform pioneer Little Hilltop Village (小岗村), that surrenders to the dark side of human nature: selfishness, laziness and dishonesty.

And thirty years on, China also comes to witness the wonderful achievements accomplished by Dazhai (大寨), Huaxi and South Street (南街) villagers, who have returned to a commune system.

As the result, they have nurtured a better community, not only in material sense, but also in spiritual realm. It is a place that at night you don’t need to shut your doors when sleep, and it is a place with zero crime rate.

The villagers in the South Street received fixed wages; on the top of that they are provided welfare that include house, furniture, food, drinks, water, power, healthcare, free education and old-age pension. In a reality of today’s China that most people cannot afford a moderate flat, South Street stands out like a crane in a chicken yard.

The village centre

The collectively owned farming equipments

The GDP chart

The aspiration

Villager's residential buildings which are offered to villagers for free.

The free accommodation flats provided to workers migrated from other villages

Village high school with no schooling fees charged

Villagers enjoy home-made beer at the village canteen

A village park

A lotus pool

(Photo source:

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The Goal of South Street Village Commune:

The children are well-nurtured; the youths are well-educated; the adults are well-employed; and the aged a well-looked after.


South Street Commune's Moral Standards:

A saint is selfless;

A sage considers other people’s interest first;

A good man takes care himself and looks after others;

A mean man concerns his own interest ahead of anyone else;

An evildoer hurts others for his own benefits.

Be a good man at least!


Pandas Practice Mao Zedong Thoughts



Pandas in Guangxi Zoo during New Year holiday 2010.

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