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Red Streams Mounted High ground
On New Year's Day

2 January 2010


On the new year’s day of the new decade, millions of Chinese took part in a 3D Marathon race, which means they were not running circles around the streets in cities, but went to the Great Nature to ascent the summit of hills. In Chongqing (重庆), the host city of the hike game, ten thousand hikers donned the red jumper and, when Mr Bo Xilai (薄熙来), the chief of the great metropolis, fired the starting-pistol, the red streams flew against the gravity towards the peak of Red Cloud Hill (缙云山).

China’s new year’s day hike game started since 1996.

(Source: 中新网)

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Shanghai's First Monorail Tram
Began to run on the First Day of 2010
The Year of Shanghai World Expo.

(Source: 新华网)

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