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Seeds of Destruction
from the United States (1)

30 January 2010

The following are some comments by the viewers and Chinese translation:

GeorgeDorn00023: +6

They are targeting poor and developing countries with this poison - india and china are going for it gung-ho. even european countries are increasing the amount of land used to grow these poisons, especially spain. fortunately uk seems to be dragging its heels but coming under increasing pressure. usage is set to double over the next few years. soya, maize and cotton make up the majority of the GM crops and none of the crops introduced so far has increased yield or enhanced nutrition.
burn it!


RLore18: +4

Bees are going extinct? They've been here for at least 80 million years and now it's time to say goodbye to the bees? GM plants which produce insecticides are most likely responsible. These plants kill insects - bees are insects. Since more than 95% of greens are now GM it's no surprise the bees are dying.

现在连蜜蜂都消失了。它们已有八千万年的历史,可终于没能熬过今天。凶手应该就是转基因植物。这些东西是昆虫杀手 – 蜜蜂不正是昆虫吗?既然百分之九十五的农作物都成了转基因,哪里还有它们的活路?

12monkkeys: +14

Almost ALL CORN (HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP which is in EVERYTHING) is Monsanto's genetically modified, each small piece of corn people EAT has billions of GM bacteria that are IMMUNE TO ANTIBIOTICS.
Doctors & scientist are working around the clock in a losing war against the pandemic of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (MRSA INFECTIONS) 1000's of people are dieing daily from once simple infections & these poor Doctors are at a loss to why.. If they only knew.
Monsanto's greed will be the end of us.


dmgcat: +4

The question is why? How can people be this knowingly evil? This is willful manipulation of humanity’s foodstock for profit and Monsanto has no idea the long term repercussions, only the short term profits that you and I dont get to enjoy...only the adverse side effects. Our 'system' protects these criminals.


gprob: +10

Monsanto, Cargill and a few others here in the U.S. are writing legislation, or bribing our criminal politicians to write it, to kill the organic movement, small farms and local producers completely.


promiseIsaih60: +5

I have heard of Monsantos before in the movie, 'A Beautiful Truth' Very frightening & DISGUSTING that no matter what, the Great American Buck always comes first. More frightening is to see these Demons in real positions of authority & Power.


androclestipster +7

It makes me wonder how monsanto stays in business. Must have government backing.



Yes, Monsanto not only has "government backing", they are in actuality "the government" and circumvent laws by changing them to suit their needs. I will leave a list to help better understand this in a following comment.


1)Donald Rusmsfeld, US Secretary of Defense/ President of Searle subsidiary of MONSANTO.


2) Justice Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice/ MONSANTO lawyer for Regulatory Affairs.


3) Linda Fisher, Deputy Administrator of EPA/ Executive Vice President MONSANTO.


4) Anne Vereman, US Secretary of Agriculture/ MONSANTO Board of Directors.


5) Michael Taylor, Deputy Commissioner for POLICY FDA/ MONSANTO Senior Counsel.


6) Mickey Kantor, US Secretary of Commerce/ Board of Directors MONSANTO.


7) Linda Watrud, EPA/ Biotech Research MONSANTO.


8) Attorney General John Ashcroft received $10,000 (senatorial campaign) from MONSANTO, Monsanto's contribution to Ashcroft was five times that of any other congressional hopeful.


9) William Ruckelshaus, Chief Administrator EPA / Board of Directors MONSANTO


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