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Google and CIA

15 January 2010

The following is the excerpt of an article by Eric Sommer and its Chinese translation:

The western media is currently full of articles on Google's 'threat to quit China' over internet censorship issues, and the company's 'suspicion' that the Chinese government was behind attempts to 'break-in' to several Google email accounts used by 'Chinese dissidents'.


However, the media has almost completely failed to report that Google's surface concern over 'human rights' in China is belied by its their deep involvement with some of the worst human rights abuses on the planet:


Google is, in fact, a key participant in U.S. military and CIA intelligence operations involving torture; subversion of foreign governments; illegal wars of aggression; and military occupations of countries which have never attacked the U.S. and which have cost hundreds of thousands of lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewhere。


To begin with, Google is the supplier of the core search technology for 'Intellipedia’, a highly-secured online system where 37,000 U.S. spies and related personnel share information and collaborate on their devious errands. [How odd, alleged Chinese hackers apparently have never been able to break-in to these more valuable system]

谷狗为美国三万七千名间谍提供了“隐探力匹谍”(Intellipedia)网上专用系统,协助他们安全地共享从世界各地非法探得的情报资源 [奇怪,这些真正有价值的系统怎么就从来没被疑似中国骇客侵入过?]。

Agencies such as the so-called 'National Security Agency' have also purchased servers using Google-supplied search technology which processes information gathered by U.S. spies operating all over the planet.


In addition, Google is linked to the U.S. spy and military systems through its Google Earth software venture. The technology behind this software was originally developed by Keyhole Inc., a company funded by Q-Tel, a venture capital firm which is in turn openly funded and operated on behalf of the CIA.

除此之外,谷狗的“谷狗地球”更与美国谍报部门和军方有着千丝万缕的联系。事实上,“谷狗地球”软件就是由中情局“球探”(Q-Tel)下属的“锁眼集团”(Keyhole Inc。)开发的。

Google acquired Keyhole Inc. in 2004. The same base technology is currently employed by U.S. military and intelligence systems in their quest, in their own words, for "full-spectrum dominance" of the planet.


Moreover, Googles' connection with the CIA and its venture capital firm extends to sharing at least one key member of personnel. In 2004, the Director of Technology Assessment at In-Q-Tel, Rob Painter, moved from his old job directly serving the CIA to become 'Senior Federal Manager' at Google.


As Robert Steele, a former CIA case officer has put it: Google is "in bed with" the CIA. Given Google's supposed concern with 'break-in's to several of its email accounts, it's worth noting that Google's friends at In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the CIA, are now investing in Visible Technologies, a software firm specialized in 'monitoring social media'.

前中情局官员罗伯特·四弟儿曾说:谷狗与中情局正亲亲热热地同床共枕相拥而卧。如今谷狗娇滴滴地鼓噪她的一些帐户被人透窥了。她显然忘了她自己是干什么吃的了。她的偶尔被人偷窥和她整天协助中情局日夜监视百万网民的壮举相比实在是太小巫见大巫了. 再提一句,谷狗目前正和中情局“隐球探”合伙研制一款专用于监视社交网站的名为“视觉技术”的间谍软件。

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Annular Eclipse in Beijing

Beijing at 5.01pm on January 15, 2010.

Google: See that, Chinese, without me, you will return to the dark stone age.

Beijing: Big deal, next day will be another sunny day. Mind, long before you were born a decade ago, we'd already had millions sunny days.

(Source: 中新网记者 金硕)

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