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A Farmer and A Snake
2009 China Fed America, 2010 America Bites China

10 January 2010

This is the except of an article titled In 2009 We Face Challenge Together, In 2010 We Turn on Each Other?! by Sun Xiliang (孙锡良: 2009共克时艰,2010中美翻脸?!) and its English translation:

I remember at the end of 2008 when America’s financial catastrophe was in its worst stage, our leaders kept visiting America, and promised we’ll help them to overcome the crisis in 2009, even though it was against the will of the majority of people in China. But the leaders decided this was what China should do, and they did.

With 2009 just passed and the financial situation in America improved, Americans pull their face and turn on China, again. Those people have not changed; no matter how much Chinese have helped them, they will forever view Chinese as their ultimate enemies.

If China-America relationship does turn nasty in 2010, I think it could be a good thing. Americans are not the people who are capable of living with others in peace, because they know, that if they respect others as their equal, it would spell the end for their global dictatorship; and Chinese also know, that if we continue to allow America to treat us as a second-class nation, China's renascence will forever remain as a dream. One is unwilling to give up its power to enslave others, while the other is determined to free itself from slavery, in such a situation, the clash is almost inevitable, soon or late. And my view, the sooner the better.

We just need to be tough when dealing with America’s ceaseless and endless in-your-face provocations and if that will lead to an open confrontation, so be it. Only if we are resolute that no matter how strong America might be, how many allies America could gather, we'll take the challenge regardless, since we’d rather fall to pieces like broken jade than remain intact as a worthless tile. And only when we have such a determination, the worst scenario might then be avoided.




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