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China Prophecy (2)

2 January 2010

The Prediction:

2011, more than 100 million Chinese will travel overseas, making China one of the largest tourist markets in the world. The number of broadband internet subscribers in China will exceed 200 million and ranks number one in the world.


The Notes:

2007, the number of broadband internet subscribers in China exceeded 71 million and ranks number one in the world.

The Prediction:

1012, China’s film industry will experience a rapid growth. The first blockbuster science fiction movie will be screened, which is about how China saves the world from a global natural disaster. It is so wonderfully crafted with powerful visual effects, that after viewing the film, the retired directors Chen Kaige, Zhang Yimou and Feng Xiaogang all admit that the new generation of Chinese directors are so awesome that in comparison they themselves are just like idiots.


The Notes:

Hollywood science fiction disaster movie 2012 screened in 2009, in which China is attributed as a base for final salvation.

The Prediction:

2013, Encouraged by the success of Chinese film blockbuster, China’s television industry works hard and catches up with a large number of sitcoms being exported overseas, that makes Chinese culture a fashion in Asia. At home Chinese people start to wear traditional Han dress during Chinese New Year festival and young Chinese choose Han costume for wedding.


The Prediction:

2014, China-Japan-South Korea will form the world's biggest free trading zone, while the influence of the United States gradually fades in Asia. The high speed railway network has taken shape in China, which finally puts an end to the transportation problems that until then presents as a big constrains on China’s further economic development.


The Prediction:

2015, China successfully launches manned spaceship and the first Chinese astronaut (a woman) hands on the moon on the Moon Day, lunar August 15. Through satellite TV over 1 billion people in China witnesses how the fairytale of Lady Chang’e moon-trip becomes the reality.


The Prediction:

2016, China takes over Japan in total GDP and becomes the second largest economy in the world, with the average GDP per capita climbing to USD 6000. By then the urban inhabitants count for 60 percent of the total Chinese population, with only less than 40 percent of people living in the rural areas, thus China has finally completed the transformation from an agricultural nation to a post-industrial state. It is the year when the rural and urban residents begin to enjoy equal social status and economic benefits through reformed household registration laws.

2016年,中国GDP总量超过日本,成为世界第二。中国人均GDP超过6000美圆。全国城镇人口超过60%,农业人口不足40%, 中国正式完成了从农业化国家到后工业化国家的转变。同年,农村,城市户口差别取消。

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