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Chinese Condemn America on Cyber Attack

22 January 2010

According to reliable sources, China's leading Internet search engine Baidu, which claims 70 percent of China's Internet search market, offered blunt condemnation of the United States over recent cyber attack, and pledged won't let those who are responsible get away with helping the hackers to jump the "Great Wall" of defence.

It is believed that Baidu filed a lawsuit on Wednesday in a New York court, seeking damages from its U.S. domain name registration service provider, Inc., following an attack on its website last week.

Baidu's website was paralyzed for several hours on January 12 following a break-in. Baidu believes ", Inc.'s gross negligence resulted in severe damage to the company." Many Chinese also believe there must be a dirty hand of American administration behind the attack.

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A Cyber Warmonger

Clinton: Hi Chinese, I didn't do it, see, my hands are clean? I washed them with soap ... after I had a dinner with Googler prior to its show of soap opera "Stay or not to Stay?"

But, I did pledge that I would help it to stay and to destroy your Great Wall from inside. I've done it before, and I can do it again in future. So what!

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