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Watch Out,
China's Angry Youth Get Very Angry

31 January 2010

The following is a popular post appeared on Chinese cyber space in response to Obama regime's sales of WMD to Taiwan Province aiming at assisting the Chinese on the island to fight against the Chinese in the mainland:

Ling Huchong, Shanghai,

We must hit back hard at the U.S. regime and let it taste its own medicine. I hereby appeal to our government to take the following measures:

1, Stop cooperating with the U.S. on nuclear issues related to North Korea and Iran, and veto any sanction bills against Iran;

2, Sell destroyer 10, submarines, anti aircraft carrier ballistic missiles to Iran and Venezuela;

3, Stop purchasing American debt and begin to sell the dollars for euro and gold.

4, Through legislation give the ALP the power to inspect and intercept the cargo ships loaded with weapons bounded for Taiwan Province of PPC when necessary.

5, Through legislation prohibit any commercial profits flowing into the island from the mainland to be used on purchasing weapons against Chinese people.

6, Increase China’s defence budget accordingly to deal with the new threat imposed by the U.S. weapons sale to Taiwan.









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