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What Americans Say
About U.S. Cyber Warmonger (5)

24 January 2010


The problem here is hypocricy and the chinese gov. has a point. We should not give any country a hard time about civil rights when we have none. Our country's news is controlled by billionaires. The reporters and pundits are paid millions to say whatever furthers the causes of this elite class. Our press and gov. for that matter have no regard for fact. Whoever has the most money is right. Look at the election in Massachushets and you know that vote was manipulated by the press spewing propoganda to protect the insurance companies. Another point look at the ruling by the supreme court that special interest groups can spend as much money as they want lobbbying gov. (crooks) to pass laws with no respect for what is the interest of the people.



There is no question that bias exists in the media. Journalism students and Communications students pass or fail their courses in school according to, among other things, their perception of the world. As a result, most new hires in media are parlor pinks.


Ant Eagle

This is typical of the US government, sticking its nose in when it has nothing to do with them. China's internal politics is precisely that, INTERNAL. It is for the Chinese government and Chinese people to decide and nobody else, everybody else's opinion is irrelevant. The US is trying to impose its values on China and I am happy that China is effectively telling the US to get packing.



So, this is an example of the obama administration's efforts to change the way the US handles foreign get the whole world to like us?



China does not allow pornography in thier country. Probally Bill visited over there and told Hillary he couldnt find any good pictures on the internet over there。



I believe if America censored the internet like China we would be better off.

The internet is mostly a slime infested porn pool that our children can access at will.



The US would be wise to follow China's lead and start to stamp out all the porn and filth that found on the US internet.



Interesting, I am not going to comment on how my neighbors block certain internet sites for their family members based on their own family rules. Certainly, US should not interferrence with other country's rules too. If your kids play with my kids in my house, your kids need to follow my house rules. Google needs to follow China's rules if they do business in China.



Google is a USA company doing business in Chain and has to do business under the laws of China. If they do not like it then get out!

Frankly I think Obama and Clinton is trying to create another crisis when China says they are not looking to buy our debt or tells us that they want to be paid in gold for the current debt. Right now they know they are getting screwed since the loned us dollars when a dollar what worth a dollar and we are repaying them in dollars worth 75 cents.




I think you're right. The criticizing of China is because China has slowed their purchase of US debt. Clinton and Obama have lobbied China to keep buying US Treasuries so the US can spend more debt-dollars; but China is slowing their purchases of US Treasuries. If we think the US is criticizing China now, just wait until China stops buying American debt and starts selling their Treasuries - when that happens we can expect daily news-bites from Obama and Clinton criticizing China and threatening retaliation. And when China demands payments in gold or other commodities the war of words will escalate even further.


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Headmaster Obama:

Hi Chinese Government, listen, I continue to be troubled by the sky security breach that Google attributes to a Chinese schoolyard where a mosquito bit him when he was playing game there. As the result, he lost the game. Like what Madam Clinton said yesterday, all we are looking for from you are some answers as to why you would allow a mosquito to attack an American boy. By the way, when Madam Clinton scolds you, you must never talk back! Show some respect to the world authority, understand?

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