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What Americans Say
About U.S. Cyber Warmonger (4)

24 January 2010

Jim Hayes-375865

we currently practice a combination of laissez faire and corporate capitalism both of which are anti-ethical and grossly biased to those who already have capital. All wealth is concentrated at the top and disseminates downward and recquires constant cheap labor, it is why corporations employ foreign slave and cheap labor. Both forms of capitalism have NOTHING to do with expanding social welfare or building a sustainable and expanding middle class they are about accumulating and expanding profit. This is in and of itself not a bad thing when one has a developing economy such as China, Brazil or India but accepting it as part of ones national fabric is death to fully developed economies. Trying to compete with state managed economies and currencies with endless cheap labor is a fools errand, the playing field is never level.



Once again Hillary has put her nose where it doesn't belong. The U.S. political leaders need to keep their collected noses out of other countries business. Not everyone wants to be like the United States, they have the right to do what is legal in their country, just as we have the right to do what is legal in ours. And let us not forget trade practices, we import a lot of goods from China that our countries own manufacturers will not make, or if they do make it, we as citizens pay at least double for it.



You just can't trust a country that puts lead based paint on baby's toys. These people will lie right to your face. You could have picture of a Chinese person caught in the act and they would look at the photo and say 'wow, that guy look just like me, but it's not me'. They lie about everything and then get pissed off when they get caught. LOL, they are like the spoiled rich kid in the neighborhood that takes the ball and goes home when you call him out for not playing right. Face it China, you are a screwed up country that suppresses human rights.


EX Marine-660172

TG Hoisthe BS. If it wasn’t for China buying our debt you two Idoits would be in a soup line. That’s right ! Shut Up ! If our own government would stop taxing and regulating the Hell out of business they wouldn’t have to move to other countries to survive.


Made their bed, Monterey Park, CA

Apparently, China has become as arrogant as us. With that said, I say F China. Let them keep lending us money and let them keep hoping we pay it back. Maybe the Chinese should look at our debt as our commissions.


Close the borders!:

Don't worry about China calling in for the money we owe them. Just do like most countries do to us....tell them to go F themselves! They hold the loans, but we are there biggest customer by far. It is a partnership that neither can harm the other w/o damaging themselves.



This is bullsh!t. since when does China or any other country get away with warning US about anything. We should be the ones warning them. I think it's time we break off trade with these nitwits and bring our jobs back home where they belong. Then point our nukes at them and warn them to watch their step.



Why is it that obese US Consumers consider war as an answer to everything? You'd figure they could look in a mirror, see the double chins, and realize they are in no shape to wage war.



This Country is a Country of Comsumption. We buy everything and make nothing but bullshi*t。



they may not call in the existing debt, but right now this administration needs them to continue to buy our growing new debt, which is rather considerable. If they don't buy the debt at a reasonable rate, we need to go to other "partners" who will also charge rather high interest rates, putting additional pressure on the US. That pressure takes the form of higher taxes, something this country cannot absorb now or in the immediate future. Printing new money will not only devalue the dollar, shift away from the dollar as the world currency, and hasten world wide hyper inflation. We have to stop the spending in Washington。


EX Marine-660172

It is not the American People causing the problem. It is Hillary Clinton just sticking her nose in where it does not belong. She thinks we run the world. That may have been true but not any more. Obama and thugs and the big shot Clintons have made us a third world country by spending us into a hole. Hillary needs to shut up!


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