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What Americans Say
About U.S. Cyber Warmonger (3)

23 January 2010


Hillary has some nerve telling China to stop censoring it's content when OUR OWN GOVT. does the EXACT SAME THING!!



"On a side note what ever happened with the court ruling in the USA concering wire taps, internet and text monitoring?

Sec Clinton might want to stick to getting censorship out of the USA first, before condemning another government for the same tactics that the USA is presently using"

All China has to do is take a page from the U.S.A.'s playbook and declare that censoring google has to do with "national security" and "protection from terrorism". It's what the U.S. does whenever they want to take away another right.





Is it just me or is this very humorous? The Obama Administration wants to restrict our use of the Internet through some fairness doctrine but they want China to make their Internet more free?



I really couldn't care less about what China does with their internet.

Hilary, is it that you don't have enough to do in the US?

No wonder the rest of the world is sick of us. Odumbo and his followers SUCK.





With all of our problems here in the USA and our on-going issues with terrorists, why do the fools in our Government insist on trying to tell everyone else how to run their business? Particularly the country that owns the mortgage on our country. Our administration looks absolutely foolish. Why? Because they are the largest bunch of self serving morons in the USA. They are an embarrassment to the citizens of this country!



here in China, I am able to get all the URLS as in the States, plus some that cant be found in the states. Of course some sites like face book and you tube takes a little anonymous IP redirecting, but than again in the USA try getting some sites from China and Europe. I think Youku Chinas answer to you tube is the best here for keeping up with American network shows, they usually air about 2 hours after the original airs in the USA.

as far as Internet and phone surveillance the USA is the number one offender of privacy in the world.

PS here there are no sin taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, and any other product. I can enjoy my saturated fat food while drinking a fifty cent (3.5 yuan) beer and smoking my pack of 3 yuan (20 cent ) cigarettes.

Best thing is if I get sick a doctor visit and prescription recently the flu cost me a whopping 3.50 (25 yuan).




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A Double-faced Man

The humbleness of American President Brack Obama sometimes could be quite touching. Take yesterday. He is, as most Chinese believe, rather enlightened in terms of why/how/when/where the cyber attacks against Baidu/Google initiated/generated/occurred, but decided to keep the knowledge to himself and pretended to be a troubled man.



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