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What Americans Say
About U.S. Cyber Warmonger (1)

23 January 2010

China hit back hard against the violent verbal attack on China's Internet policies by Hillary Clinton, and the following are some online comments from the viewers of the news report:


We should mind our own business on this one, Clinton is going to get us in another War... Most all Politicians will get us into another War, with their petty BS they try to impose on others... And who are they to scold another, for they do the same dam thing here to the American people all the time...


Bob Martinez:

She's @!$%#ing at them when we, under a different guise, get the same treatment. What hypocrisy!



Their politic is such that they truly believe the government knows better than the individual what is best for them. Our problem is we think we know what is better for their government.



The Hillary needs to keep her nose out of other countries business. This is how Bush started a it learn it.



Does anyone else find it ironic that this administration is complaining about China's censorship when it is attempting its own version of censoring the public wth such euphamistically misnomered programs like 'The Fairness Doctrine', 'Net Neutrality', 'Campaign Finance Reform', etc etc?!



Just wondering....if China can 'regulate' its internet usage, why can't we regulate child porn on the internet so that no one has ACCESS to it???



Progressives just can't help themselves from trying to make the world over in their image. Doesn't matter how it gets done, as long as it gets done. The end justifies the means. A Modern Progressive (as Hill defined herself during the campaign) is no different from any other type of Progressive.


The Devil-1138528:

The US government should stop its own internet restrictions and while at it prosecute the criminals that were going around performing illegal wiretaps!


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Full text of the comments can be viewed from the following link:

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This guy looks quite suspicious, must be the real hacker behind the Google attack.

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