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What Chinese Say About
America's Missile Sales to Taiwan?

10 January 2010

American President Barack Obama is starting the year 2010 by virtually raising his middle finger at Chinese as he announced a massive arms sale to Taiwan Province. The following are excepts of some articles and online comments, and their English translation:


The United States has already regarded China as its enemies, and we must return them with the same regard. Therefore the first task on the to do list should be to identify and purge America's local agents in China, and to call for the whole nation to prepare to defend our territory.

米国已经把CHINA视为敌人, 首先先把潜伏在各个领域的米特清除了, 对米强硬, 号召全国各族人民抗米保国, 让米帝抖几抖....


Apart from hitting back against Americans, we must also not to let the traitors in Taiwan, like Ma Ying-jeou, and the traitors in the mainland, to slip away.



Why don’t we do something to punish the traitors in Taiwan? If nobody buys, no one can sell. We must tell Taiwan plainly: If you dare to purchase American WMDs, we’ll unite China by force!

为什么就不对台湾这个逆子采取点措施呢? 没有买的, 哪来的卖的, 直接警告台湾: 若台湾胆敢买美国的武器, 就直接解放台湾!


From where the crooked Taiwanese get the money to buy the weapons? From us, right? So we have no one to blame but ourselves!



Taiwan is another core of this arms sales saga. Since it has the courage to take the action, it must also have the courage to face the consequences. We only need to spend one tenth of our strength, that is needed to tackle the America, to deal with Taiwan. And that would be enough for them to chew on.

Ma Ying-jeou demands the mainland to remove the missiles in one hand, while purchases weapons from America to confront the mainland in the other hand. It is an action of treachery. We must give him a hard lesson. Really hard.




Taiwan relies on the United States to challenge the mainland, and now it is time for those people to understand that we in the mainland may perish in the final battle against that evil empire, but we’ll make sure to finish you off before we die.

Even within a family, if a certain member threatens the survival of other members, this murderous member ought to be put to death. This is the way to protect the whole family.




A Q’s self-comforting habit is our secret weapon to claim victory in all battles! The imperialists attempt to enrage us into taking real actions? You dream on!!! We’ll never fight back, never, ever!



Who said that we Chinese must bite our teeth, swallow the insults and let others slap our face for a hundred years? Feed this wretch to wild dogs!



Sell China to feed corrupted.



The most dangerous thieves are those doing inside jobs. We need to be highly vigilant.



There are too many traitors in China who sell national interest to Americans for their own benefits. There are millions of America’s running dogs in Taiwan who take money from the mainland and then give it to America to help them lay sieges against China.

有太多的汉奸, 出卖中国的国家利益, 有2300万美帝的看护狗, 从大陆拿的钱, 送给美国人, 为美国围堵大陆!


Why don’t we start to sell American dollars? Why don’t we block the American investments in China?



In the economic front, the top urgent task is to minimise our reserves in U.S. dollars and replace them with other currencies. The damages have already been done in the past, but still, it is better later than never!!!

经济战场当务之急:空美元美债,多非美大宗 -- 亡羊补牢,犹未迟也!!!


No! You are wrong. We must force America to pay their debt! If the United States dares to depreciate their currency, America’s credibility will be ruined which will become the beginning of the end for the American financial system and all its by-products. I agree that we were mad to purchase such a large amount of American debt, but to Americans, it would even be crazier if they ever consider to avoid debt payment by trashing their financial system. If so, we’ll see a new world order.


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We Chinese people have the courage to fight with our enmities to our last breath, the determination to rebuild our war-torn country with our own hands, and the ability to stand independently among the world community.


-- Mao Zedong

Online Survey Regarding U.S. Missile Sales to Taiwan

On the day when the United States announced arms sale to Taiwan Province, an online survey was conducted by and following are the results:

Question: Obama Government may begin a new round of arms sale to Taiwan, do you think how China should response:

1, Stop the military communication between two nations; (13278 votes;31.5%)

2, Forbid U.S. warships from stopover in Hong Kong; (2424 votes;5.7%)

3, Do not cooperate with Americans in major international issues; (14898 votes;35.3%)

4, Lower the rank of the diplomatic relations between the two countries; (4301 votes;10.2%)

5, Temporarily or permanently suspend the joint business programs. (5645 votes;13.4%)

6, Other; (1634notes);(3.9%)

It shows that over 80 percent of Chinese online voters wish to see the communication or collaboration between two nations in military, economic and intentional fronts to be ended.

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