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My View on China Affairs (1)

17 December 2010

by V. S.


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Among the responses we received from our website viewers, one correspondent stands out with a keen observation on China affairs and a touching concern for China's fate. With the author's kind consent, we publish part of the correspondence and some Chinese translation here.

V. S. (March 28, 2010):

Very recently the British government and public organisations tried to save the life of a British citizen convicted of smuggling drugs into China.

If they were aware of their own history they would remember Britain imposed mass scale opium addiction on the Chinese and started the Opium War and then grabbed Chinese territory.

Now isn't this small incident of the sorry plight of one drug smuggler smacking a little bit of re-play of the Opium War??? What a supreme irony!!!

But China should also tread carefully as it has overcommitted itself to buying worthless American paper.


Multipletext (March 29, 2010):

The West's propaganda machine is way too powerful and far too sophisticated that those media guys not only fooled the world but themselves, which is not good for anybody, not for the West as well. A woman may never realise how dirty her face is if she never checks it in mirror and never cleans it with water but keeps putting makeup on, until her skin gets totally damaged, which might be too late to deal with.


V. S. (April 2, 2010 ):

Those in power in China face many challenges - other than the US threat, the internal ones are even more difficult to handle. You can always mobilise people against an external threat, but when it comes to an internal menace, it wouldn't be that simple. Chinese history shows that it is the internal devil that has to be conquered than anything else. As a figurative as well as literal example such as opening the gates to the invading Manchus ... and a minority people can conquer and dominate the hundreds of millions for hundreds of years!

I can see genuine attempts to overcome problems but once you uncork the bottle - how do you control or put the monster back in?

Already many of the past "bad old things" are back - misuse of state power or misguided use of it, nepotism, cronyism, corruption in business and human relationships etc...

It's very hard to change human nature. The attempts at this also failed because an idea can manifest itself as "good" but became bad when applied in an overzealous way and people take advantage of the ensuing chaos to their own advantage...

Coming back to the US China relationship... the leaders should not fool themselves. The US will never "help" China unless it can make a profit out of it whether politically or financially. The engagement in the capitalist style socialism can only lead to dangerous rocks in the stormy ocean. No helmsman can 100% guide the ship to port safely. Is there a better way?

对中国的当权者来说,来自美国的威胁并不是最危险的。动员民众一致对外不难,但对付内部的敌人,事情就不是这么简单了。中国的历史在在显示了隐藏在内部的敌人才是最有杀伤力的,想想当年是谁给满洲人打开国门的 … 那么一小撮人怎么会能够征服数千万人达数百年之久!

我看到那些人是真心要解决问题的 -- 但你一旦打开了那个魔鬼的瓶子,你真有本事再把魔鬼收回去吗?

那么多久已消失的弊病又重新出现了 – 滥用权力、裙带关系、任人唯亲、贪污腐化及人际关系的腐败等等…


回到中美关系 … 中国的领袖们要信了美国人的话就当真杯具了。除非能在政治上或经济上捞到好处,美国根本不可能来帮助中国。资本主义特色的社会主义只会让中国这艘大船在风狂雨暴的茫茫大海中一头撞向礁石。没有任何一个舵手能保证一定能将船只百分之百安全的驶入港湾。难道真没有更好的出路了吗?

Multipletext (April 11, 2010 ):

A GS bank executive is trying to get himself appointed as the chief of Chinese central bank … imagine ...

Mongols of 11th century was never a real threat to the world, only after it successfully conquered China and with the help of the Chinese generals and military consultants.

If U.S. is able to enlist China as its aid, it won’t be good for the rest of the world.

However, the current pressing issue is about GM food. There is an overwhelmingly strong force in China pushing for planting GM rice in China with the seeds mainly from U.S. Monsanto company. The danger is so obvious since rice is the main food of Chinese. It’s not hard to figure out its implications which will not just be confined to Chinese community. These two years are crucial to the humanity … very crucial.

V. S. (April 24, 2010 ):

In relation to your remarks about Monsanto (shudder!), planting rice should be an expertise of the Chinese by now??? Why sail in unchartered waters and get into a heap of trouble? (as the recent Chinese cargo ship did in Australia).

I would say if the Chinese authorities allow any foreign control of strategic things in the country it will just create more problems. (as already surfacing-e.g. major corruption as in the recent court case against Rio Tinto employees). In a matter of time China will become yet another 3rd world country in the grips of foreign multi-nationals.

Why lose so much blood to win freedom from foreign domination & plunder and willingly to let it come back (again)? Why go through any 300 years of pain and struggle? (the average time it takes to throw out the foreign conquerors).

I don't think the Chinese people if fully informed of the above dangers will let the new wealth and power stupefy them to these risks.

There is always an alternative call "self-reliance"-- Your website have point out many small examples...of successful mass action for the common good.





为什么要急病乱投医呢,不是还有一种出路叫做“自力更生”吗?-- 你们网上刊登的一些小故事很有启发性 … 群策群力共同富裕。

V. S. (May 18, 2010)

The question is "Whither China?"

China is already at the cross road of deciding which way to go. Judging by history, it will probably choose the easy way and go down the chute - if you get my meaning. The prediction by George Orwell in his book Animal Farm is always a road sign for me. I know Orwell was frowned on because he had "deviant" politics but what he wrote is what is happening in China...

The hard way is to unite the people for a better self-reliant co-operative community - this is opposed to a selfish self centered society. This was one of the great lessons to came out of the chaos of the 50s to 80s. Maybe idealistic.. I said "co-operative" because I don't think anyone can achieve a true communist existence. The demand for self sacrifice is too high. I visualise a society where everyone work together for the common good... but not a model based on puritanical/tyrannical. One where everyone (?) can achieve fulfillment and happiness... (impossible?) Sigh!

But don't give up!! The shining road is ahead - if we believe in it and work for it.......

中国正站在十字路口。从历史上看,中国一向喜欢走老路 – 我想你明白我的意思。对我来说乔治·欧文的《动物农庄》像个指路牌。我知道很多人对欧文不感冒,他在政治上太出格,但是他笔下的农庄实在太强悍了,简直就是今日中国的写照。

真正有挑战性的是领导民众建立一个自力更生团结互助的社会 -- 一个与以自我为中心的社会完全不同的社会。这是人类从50年代至80年代的混乱中学到的宝贵一课。也许有些太理想主义.. 我能想象到的理想社会是一个人人都为整体的利益贡献力量的社会 … 而不是一个清教徒或暴虐的社会。这个社会能帮助每个个体都能在不损害甚至有利于他人和整体的前提下追求最大的个人利益和幸福 … (不可能吗?) 叹气中!

但是不要放弃!前途是光明的 – 只要我们坚守信念并为此而奋斗……..

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