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My View on China Affairs (3)

17 December 2010

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V. S. (Septermber 8, 2010 ):

I made very short visit to Beijing as a first time tourist recently (with a group tour) and barely got a fleeting impression. On the first day the whole place was submerged in a smelly fog and did not clear for 2 days. Accomodation was OK. On the street level the place had a provincial feel (despite the modern skyscrapers & huge shopping malls) and the people were rather ordinary. I was impressed with that. They were not your nose in the air type. They were like those you see in the TV series... There is always the good bad and ugly like anywhere else. But I will give credit to the people - they were gentlemanly in their traffic chaos ... compared to kamikaze drivers in some world capitols. Just an impression. I know more of the place & people from reading but "words" must meet reality & experience.....

Of course I saw the Great Wall (small touristy section see attached picture) & the Palace (walked for 3 hours & wondered that the emperors never went far) but guess will be back to take a closer look at more places of historic interest...

We had a rather cynical tour guide who commented without fear on the politics. Maybe it is the general feeling of the ping min that those in power have usurped the everything altho occasionally some are "jian-bied" to set an moral example. I can't help wondering as in the French Revolution when they gullotined (with relish) as many of the aristocracy as possible.....but in China there were some but no such blood bath (?) ... Of course enemies of the 1st Revolution would say otherwise....landlords, hanjians, etc... they probably deserved it.

我刚到北京逛了一次(跟个旅游团去的),走马观花而已。这是我第一次去。一去就看见北京隐隐约约地浸泡在一团气味难闻的大雾里,这一泡就泡了足足两天。吃住方面还不错。从街上看,北京倒像是个地方级城市(虽然有许多现代化摩天楼和巨大的购物街),市民们看上去也很普通。这让我很受触动。他们一点都不自我膨胀,朴朴实实地就像你在电视剧里看见的那样… 当然走到哪里都有好人,也都有坏人。但我确实很赞赏北京市民,面对堵车表现得很有风度… 不像某些世界级首都的狂人,完全我行我素目中无人。当然这只是我个人的印象而已。我知道世界上很多地方的很多事情,但都是从书上看来的,和现实不一定吻合…


我们的导游似乎非常地愤世嫉俗,指点江山、评论时政没有丝毫顾忌。也许这反映了整个平民阶层的态度吧,他们对那些享受特权的人很不满。这让我想起了法国大革命时的断头台,刀下那么多贵族的冤魂。但中国并没有过这样的血腥清洗啊。当然那些过来人或许有不同的感受,那些地主,汉奸,等等… 尽管他们也许罪有应得。

V. S. (Septermber 13, 2010 ):

Now Japan wants to have a go at China... with the detention of Chinese fishermen. Maybe once you have the imperialist lust virus running in the blood it is hard to shake off.

I know it's only about controlling some island territory (cum oil ?) issues.

I found this comment by a Japanese writer Koji Taira in the wed journal "Japan Focus"- He takes a very considered view neither for or against...

"The Diaoyu Islands are China's irredenta, an area that historically belonged to China but is currently under Japanese control (to adapt the dictionary definition of the word). There is a powerful current of irredentism concerning these islands among Chinese people not only in China proper, but all over the world. Many Chinese feel that China was unjustly deprived of the Diaoyu Islands and that they should be a rightful part of Chinese territory....."

I am addicted to many Chinese "kang ye" TV series (don't think that's the correct pinyin). Altho largely fictionalised (laced with historic references) the series give me an insight to the Chinese people anti-Japanese Imperialist struggle from 1895 - what they think and say. I say 1895 because that's when Japan first occupied Chinese territory (Taiwan- until liberated by Chang Kai Shek- hahaha! joke.. ).

I can say these series are important propaganda pieces- (which should be dubbed in English or given English sub-titles). A friend who was anti-China (communist) became (re-educated) a supporter after following the various series and is quite eloquent in defence of the anti-Japanese Imperialist and Liberation struggle..! and anti-Chiang).

日本要跟中国干架了… 通过抓捕中国渔民。也许一旦你血液里有了帝国主义病毒,你就很难痊愈再成为正常人。这次日本人这么干只是为了那个春晓油田。

我找到了日本作家平良浩治在网络杂志《日本视点》上发表的一篇文章 – 他的立场应该是比较中立的…

“钓鱼岛历史上属于中国但目前在日本的控制之下。收复此一领土的强大呼声不但出自中国人,而且出自全球华人。他们认为钓鱼岛是被日本用不公正的手法强行攫取的, 但它始终是中国领土的一部分…”


我觉得这些抗日电视剧是非常好的宣传资料(应该都加上英文字幕)。我的一位朋友原先是铁杆反华(反共)派,结果被电视剧洗了脑,现在成为为中国反对日本军国主义斗争辩护的高手…! 甚至连蒋介石都一起反了。

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