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My View on China Affairs (3)

17 December 2010

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V. S. (July 15, 2010):

The road to change is not easy..

The self serving ones will always help themselves to the fruits of victory and from then on it's a downhill trip ... until the next big change ... Certainly the people of single mind must mobilise to get into power if they are determined to prevent the bad old days from coming back.


一旦那些抱着个人目的参加革命或从事改革的把桃子摘走,形势就免不了急转直下了... 直到引爆下一场革命或改革 ... 想不重蹈覆辙,那些一心要把革命或改革进行到底的人必须抓住主导权。

V. S. (July 19, 2010):

I just reviewed a new movie called "Shanghai" with Gong Li & John Cusack- already the rumours are flying ...

The movie actually is quite positive and strongly portrays the Chinese people's anti-Japanese struggle in particular the resistance of the the people in Shanghai against the invaders and their hanjian collaborators. But the filming was done in Thailand because of last minute hiccups with the Chinese Gov't (not sure why - politics as usual)... Gong Li portrays a sort of Chinese heroine whose father was murdered by the Japanese. Gong Li was enraptured by the movie set and thought it was better than the Chinese one. I think so too. The street scenes are better than the usual Chinese Shanghai street scenes located on the Crenshaw Tram route (in most TV series). Do you know as a fact: Was there a "Crenshaw Tram" during the imperialist occupation of Shanghai?? I'm intrigued by the old trams... you see the same/similar ones in other parts of the world. Sorry got carried away hahha.

The point (as portrayed by the press about Gong Li & J Cusack) is that China is flirting dangerously with the USA which as history shows is xxx, xxx, xxx and xxx in reality... But if you want to play their game you have to play within their rules (and be RULED by them eventually)...

The Chinese have demonstrated that they can intellectually and in all other fields match up with the best. In this sense they can develop their nation by using the best ideas & technology for the good of all, especially the 800+ millions poor who are still having to eat the fruits of the revolution or start another one to eat the fruits.

I often wonder where are the fruits of the "revolution"...? I know China is "independent" from foreign domination (& many "bad" things done away with..) but freedom from want and internal repression? The new landlords are returning. If things go their way they will have control over the masses grouped up in their high rise dwellings and or mortgaged (maybe bonded) and enslaved in the factories...for the good of capitalism. I know that there are certain unavoidable things 1 billion people have to bear and you cannot have everything as they claim to have in the West (qualified)....what I hope for is a government for the people by the people... I am a victim of the post revolution propaganda and thought China was such a place..It is to some extent but with the gov't with its immense power can change things more positively...instead of using the black & white cat method... it is not suitable for a crowded 1 billion place.

我看了《大上海》,由巩俐和约翰·卡萨克主演 -- 谣言满天飞啊 ...

影片的主题很正面,刻画也很给力,反映了中国民众反抗日本侵略者和汉奸的斗争。但片子是在泰国拍摄的,因为和中国政府在洽商的最后一刻翻了脸(不清楚为什么 - 政治啊)… 巩俐演了位与日本人有杀父之仇的抗日女英雄。巩俐对场景很满意,说比中国的好。我也这么认为。镜头里上海的街景看上去比《壳瑞熊有轨电车》电视系列里展示的美多了。不知在殖民地时期上海是不是真有一路有轨叫壳瑞熊?你清楚这事吗?你看,居然有相同的东西出现在地球的另一端。把我兴奋的, 哈哈。

我提到关于巩的谣言是想说,中国现在也在和美国打情骂俏啊。美国是何等人物? … 想和他玩吗?得按照他的规矩(最终受他统治)…


我常疑惑究竟什么是中国革命的成果 …? 我知道中国现在是个“独立主权国”(还破了许多“四旧”),但内部的情况到底怎么样呢?事实是老地主被打跑了,又来了新地主。如果让这伙人为所欲为,他们会让民众成为高房价和工厂主的奴隶,成为资本的牺牲品。我也明白有一些事情对一个十亿多人的大国是免不了的,凡西方有的其它地方的人也样样都有并不现实… 我只是希望政府真是代表民众的,真是为民众执政的… 我本人被后革命宣传洗脑了,曾以为中国真是这样的… 也许在一定的程度上确实是,一个中央集权的政府其实是可以干许多利国利民的大事的… 可惜却来了对黑猫白猫… 十亿多人的大国竟然用这么简单的两分法治理。

Admin (August 28, 2010):

(Since you are interested) we'll make a page about Shanghai's old tram some time later.

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