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My View on China Affairs (2)

17 December 2010

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Multipletext (May 21, 2010):

There are a great number of think tanks in the Chinese community and, thanks to the internet, their voices can be heard, or more precisely be found.


V. S. (May 21, 2010)

I think the "Internet" is the new age unifier and liberator of/for all peoples.

When people become more and more enlightened their minds will coalesce and act as one. Imagine a non-physical consciousness forming on the net that thinks as one.... collective mind. This state of mind existed in science fiction but can become "fact" is certainly the next level of human development.

While the opportunity exists, the iNet is the best form of uniting those of common thought to change their society. Those communities which are setting an example of what working together for the common good should be highlighted.

We see many Chinese people plunging themselves into a frenzy self enrichment activities (not entirely opposed to creating wealth but what for?). However it is encouraging that there are those who have time to sit back and look at where they are going....


当人类的整体思想境界提高到一定程度,大家的心念就会彼此重叠并形成一个整合的意识。想象一下一个非实体的涵盖每个人的意识通过互联网形成 … 一个整体的思想。这样的东西本来只存在于科幻小说中,但却必定会成为人类的下一个发展方向。



Multipletext (Jun 9, 2010):

Internet has already become integral part of Chinese political scene, so do the organized cyber spin doctors. The situation gets more complicated by the day ...


V. S. (June 25, 2010)

The Chinese (everywhere) in general do not go & look for a fight. But unfortunately historically others think they are weak and kick them around and rob them blind... They need to stand up and defend themselves against all these nonsense....

一般来说中国人(任何地方的中国人)不会主动向人挑衅。可悲的是别人总把这看做是软弱可欺,逮个机会就要把中国痛扁一顿、抢劫一空 … 中国人真的应该站起来维护自己的利益….

V. S. (June 29, 2010 )

Looks like the Chinese people in general are not as "diplomatic" as their leaders. I think their heart is in the right place.

Further the US is still trying to encircle China - such as installing new military bases in nearby countries; supporting the Dalai Lama and playing the Taiwan card and continue bullying China to relax its currency controls.

Does China want to be the gang of G20 or go with the Third World? That China is trying to be part of the Western economic system is a dangerous venture. Gradually it will lose its independence.... just like the other 3rd world countries...


美国正在围剿中国 – 在中国的周边建立军事基地、支持达赖喇嘛、打台湾牌、逼迫人民币升值。

中国到底想加入20国集团还是想和第三世界站在一起?中国努力挤进西方经济体其实是很危险的一件事。逐步逐步地将使中国失去主权独立性 … 就像其他第三世界国家一样…

Multipletext (3 July 2010):

Those corrupted ones often have close links to and/or personal interest in the US. Then there are a bunch of truly vicious guys who are financially supported by various CIA-linked foundations.

On the other hand there are so many smart and resourceful people out there ... many are hidden in grassroots and you can only find them online.

People's consciousness are always interconnected in an intangible way, with big minds swaying the collective spirit; but with the aid of Internet, the process certainly becomes more visible and effective.

We are in the darkest moment, but if we hold on with a good effort, the dawn is just hours away.



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