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Princess IV
- A Chinese Military Fan's Encounter with His Dream Lover

31 December 2010

On Tuesday, the world heard a Chinese military fan's online exclamation:

"December 27, just returned from my adventure as a military spy ... I'm all in tears, our Princess IV is so pretty!" (12月27日,爬墙归来 ... 内牛满面啊,四公主实在太漂亮了!)

His mysterious dream lover - with her this hot blooded fella has such a deep affection to the point that he would pedal his bike on a treacherous mountain trail for hours and climbed on a mount outside an enclosure wall at the risk of being arrested on espionage, just for the sake of taking a peep at her profile and taking a shot for his memory - is, oddly, not a romantic daughter of China's past or current top leader, but a cold-no-blooded mechanical wonder.

Although her princesshood is not legitimate, the guy's passion is genuine. The following is part of his post appeared online next day:

When my sight turned to sideway, I saw our be-loved Princess IV standing on a runway. I did not expect to see her there and almost fainted from over-excitement. Trying hard to steady my shaking hands, I fished out a telescope from my bag to take a close look at her.

She has a beautiful tail which is tremendous in size and protruding upwards at a sharp angle, very much like Miss YF23. Her facial feature and head cover are fairly similar to that of Lady F22, but her body is more slim and elegant than that aggressive shrew, and her nostrils (air intakes) are in a square shape, which is like DSI - F22 doesn’t have this sign that indicates a powerful breathing capacity.

Then all of a sudden, the princess shouted loudly, with a thick voice from a running turbo fan deep in her throat. The loud shout soon developed into a majestic bellow, at that point, she began to slide along the path at a high speed. I was shocked to the core, thinking she was going to get off the ground and ascend to heaven. But that didn't happen, instead she released a parachute from her tail. After that, she calmed down and slowly skied back to her old position.

The author's love venture was cut short by police patrolling the area and he was forced to flee, not to home but to cyber space to report his love encounter.

The effect of his revelation is almost like a powerful bombshell dropped by a USAF unit on a crowded market in the central district of Baghdad. Since then, Chinese fans of Princess IV (her academic name is known as PLAAFJ20) hold clamorous online carnival celebrating the coming of age of Her Royal Highness.

But according to some sources, PLAAFJ20 is not the only one who received the blessings during an adulthood ceremony on December 27. Another enigmatic new comer formally joining the Chinese military rank is JH-7B, an invisible destroyer and stealth bomber with a super-aircraft ability to carrying nuclear weapons with her. Her Ladyship is said to be developed through an all digital simulation system with entire structure, from engine to avionics fire control management independently created by Chinese scientists and engineers, which is a key technology that the West has been trying hard to keep out of reach of Chinese and that for a long while had constrained China's air power development.

“JH-7B is completely different from the early model and has an amazing endurance that allows her to fly from the base to South China Sea without stopping,” said Tang Changhong (唐长红), the chief designer of JH-7B.

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Tor SA-15 short-range surface-to-air missile is the first in the world that uses vertical launching system to defend the aerial territory, which is designed to engage weapons including airplanes, helicopters, cruise missiles, precision guided munitions, unmanned aerial vehicles and ballistic targets. It works in all-weather conditions, provides a high degree of automation and can have three major operational functions - locating targets, trailing targets and launching missiles attack on the targets - contained in one armored vehicle.

Chinese military force has been equipped with Tor MI system now and short while ago a large number of tanks with Tor MIs missiles are spotted by Sough Korean spies (one of such audacious agents from South Korea has been sentenced to one year imprisonment by Chinese court) at a Chinese rail station.

Eastwind-21D missile launched from China is believed to be able to hit US aircraft carriers 1500km away from the mainland of China in an astonishing precision. When the missile travels at a speed of 3400m/second, it is very difficult for any anti-missile system to intercept, reported South Korean media Seoul News.

As Eastwind-21D missile’s firing range reaches 3,200 km, virtually all US military bases in Asia Pacific are within its attacking distance. If China installs the missile defence system along its long coastal line, as it is so believed by Seoul News, US aircraft carriers will become sitting ducks if they attempt to enter Taiwan Strait or Yellow Sea during China’s reunification operation or its military action designed to counter South Korea’s war of aggression against the North.

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