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Nanjing Massacre December 13, 1937

15 december 2010

During the second Sino-Japan War, Japanese army under the instruction of Japanese emperor and with the help of their Chinese, in particular Manchu, collaborators invaded China and killed 300,000 Chinese in capital city Nanjing alone.

Horrible death wiped out all but two of a Chinese family of 11 when 30 Japanese soldiers broke into the house on December 13, 1937 (Photo by an American journalist).

A beating with an iron bar was given this 14-year-old boy who begged to go home when taken prisoner and starved (Photo by an American journalist)

His dead burned to a cinder. This man died in a few hours. He was one of 100 tied together, doused with gasoline by Japanese.

For resisting assault, this 19-year-old woman was stabbed 29 times by armed Japanese men. She had a miscarriage in a refugee hospital later.

A tribute to the victims with some of their names engraved on the memorial wall in Nanjing.

It is the third systematic genocide of Chinese people by invasion forces taken place in the past millennium, following the Mongol atrocity in the 13th century and the Manchu carnage in the 17th century. Hopefully this would indeed be the last mass murder incident in the land of China, as it is so indicated by history and beyond.

Three years ago in the 70th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre, a Chinese girl displayed a banner made by herself on a street urging her fellow citizens to "remember what happened in history, like a child memorizes his lesson, like an elderly recalls his past".


He who has no self-respect will inevitably be abused by others.


Without internal agents, the thieves cannot enter the house.


If we forget what we experienced, we are bound to repeat the same experience.


Anyone who defends aggression and genocide is in the accomplice of the crime.

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A Buddhist memorial service praying for world peace was held on December 13, 2010, in Nanjing.

Buddhist monks from Pilu Monastery (毗卢寺) chanted the sutra which helped them to send their intangible message about peace across the world and beyond at this dangerous moment when the neo-Nazi force is resurrecting in Japan .

The survivors of the Nanjing Massacre and the victims' families presented incenses to the Chinese killed by the Japanese.

(Source of photos: 韩瑜庆 - 新华社)

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