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Chinese Comments on China's Military Progress

31 December 2010

金鸿95 (金鸿评论

Many people like to say that free market system is the best way to motivate everybody in the community to work hard, but in reality, coordinated and collective work arrangement promoted by a socialist system is much more productive, as within the nation, information can be easily shared without causing much intellectual property disputes. Whenever a breakthrough is made, everyone can benefit from new technology.

Currently in the West, all those big military enterprises are in fierce competition against one another. They not only prohibit others from using their new technologies, but would sabotage their rivals' technique advancement.

That explains why China can develop its military capability at a pace much fast than the West.





bigboss1943 (金鸿评论

The biggest challenges China faces are those from within. In terms of external threats, as long as the leadership stands by national interest, no one can really tear us apart.

The main internal challenge is how to break free from the old dead circle: Every time when the nation entered a prosperity era, the special interest groups would begin to strengthen their grip on power in order to maximize their benefits and achieve monopoly control of the national wealth.

Here are two social situations demonstrated by I Ching.

In the Fortune Graph (泰卦), we have Heaven humbly remains below to help Earth raising up, which speaks of interconnection, interaction and integration between Heaven, Earth and all things in between, of a collective spirit and a united effort, of having Yang force filled inside with yin essence lingering around, of being strong within but gentle in its approach towards the surrounding environment, and of getting good people in power with the wretched to be kept in a distance.

The opposite is the Misfortune Graph (否卦), with Heave above Earth below. In this case, Heaven and Earth go their separate ways, and all things are disengaged with their sources and from each other. There is no communication between elite class and the grassroots, and the nation cannot hold itself as one piece. It is a situation where Yang force is exposed to public with Yin essence filled its core, where one bullies around but is a coward by nature, where one presents oneself as a noble character while deep down being a true wretched creature, where the wretched get their way while the nobles are suppressed.

The outcome of the China-US wrestling will depend on internal strength. The one who is the first to break down from within will lost the ultimate battle.






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A portrait of young Mao Zedong, the founding father of PRC, emerged in the air over Mandarin Island (橘子洲) by the Xiang River (湘江) at the Mao’s home province Hu'nan, on the night of September 18, 2010, the anniversary of Japanese invasion of China’s Northeast regions. The vibrant portrait was formed by fireworks, measured 30.8 m in height and 45 in width and remained in the air for 1 minute.

Quote by Mao Zedong:

I don’t wish to see that one day in the land of China the situation of exploitation recurs … if that happens, the sacrifice of those who gave their lives away for a better China would be in vain.

我不想哪一天,在中国的大地上再出现人剥削人的现象... 如果那样,许多烈士的血就白流了.

Naked truth: baby, before trying to fix other people's problems, please learn to stand on your own feet without U.S. military support.

While South Korean President Lee Myung-bak claims that the North must be disarmed within a year, he declared 2011 to be the Year 1 After Reunification, under his rule of course.

As he prepares to break into his neighbour's home to kill and to rob, he would have the cheek to accuse the family of installing a security gate to block his entry (What a crime!) and believes he has a right to order the gate to be removed within certain time frame.

Does it remind you the way in which US and Israel treated Iraq and are treating Iran?

It is understandable that Christian Right Wing in US and Jewish Extremists in Israel have no concern for lives of Muslins, but would South Korean people really allow Mt Lee to destroy their relatives in the North for his own political ambition? If they do, this people are doomed.

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