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Chinese Comments on Some Hot International Issues

19 December 2010

Jin Hong's Commentary on the World Affairs (金鸿评论) is one of the hottest posts currently running on popular Chinese forum, maintained by a visionary strategist Jin Hong. The following are some comments from the Jin Hong and other viewers:


If South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak keeps being provocative in the disputed region, he may not be that lucky this time and may not be able to get away easily by sacrificing a defense minister as his scapegoat.



He who plays with fire will one day get burnt, for sure. The Law of Karma never fails, not even God can help.

玩火要自焚. 所有人都忽略了: 因果律无处不在. 信上帝也没用.


South Koreans are making up stories again, saying they’ve killed even more North Koreans (numbered at two digits) than the North did to the South during the artillery exchange at Yeonpyeong Island. The problem is, if so, why would its defense minister Kim Tae-young resigned? Pathetic! They begin to work hard to save their face, which means one thing: they know they’ll come out badly.




In a short timespan of just one month, South Korea has postponed or called off the games for … how many times? Four or five? Another record created by “creative” South Koreans.



The biggest special interest group in the world is Wall Street. White House and Wall Street are in fact two faces of one coin. Who are the major underground arms dealers? The USA, i.e. the Wall Street.

As for American’s brawls with other big players in the Middle East and Central Asia, it serves the dual purposes: dumping some old staff in their munitions stores as an immediately objective, and maintaining its global military dominance as its long term goal.

If US troops can put the entire world under the control, the Wall Street will be able to dictate the world economy.

Sometimes I would wonder if bin Laden actually is still on CIA’s payroll.





The facade of a civilization is exhibited in material level, but the essence of a civilization is measured by its spiritual dimension. The reason that the Chinese civilization has not faded in history like all other ancient ones is that we have not ditched its core values which are about having guts to face up the setbacks and having courage to start over again.



Well said. Even at the lowest point in history during Manchu Dynasty, there wasn’t an element of inferiority or timidity demonstrated in Chinese national character. The sophisticated culture accumulated over 5,000 years embedded deep in our bones, typified by the actions from burning opium at Tiger Gate in Guangzhou, learning new things of the West, raising Box Rebellion against crusade missionaries, carrying out Xinhai Republic Revolution, setting up CCP, waging anti-Japanese resistance war for eight years to establishing PRC. We are never a coward and timid people.

顶一个!即使在“百年羸弱”的最落后时期, 中华民族骨子里仍然不存在什么“自卑与怯懦”,五千年先进文明的积累才是我们骨子里的传承。从虎门销烟、睁眼看世界到师夷长技以制夷;从义和团到辛亥革命;从推翻满清到南湖上的一只小船;从八年抗战到五星红旗迎风飘扬······,正如鲁迅所说,这些人才是我们中华民族的脊梁。











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Red Dawn

Regardless whether some Americans like it or hate it or fear it, a red, and very red, dawn broke in the east at 7am of December 7, 2010, at the provincial capital city Chengdu in Sichuan.

MGM studio that produced a dawn-phobia film which calls for "killing Chinese" has disappeared in the Western motion picture horizon, while the red dawn keeps appearing in China day after day, month after month, so much to the chagrin of the racist gang members Dan Bradley, Jeremy Passmore and Carl Ellsworth. Poor thing. Bear it!

A Chinese Air Force Colonel's Verse:

Dai Xu (戴旭) - Morning Contemplation (《晨思》):


Who would come to a lone tent
To discuss the military state?
In the sound of
Dismal autumn gust,
I repeatedly wipe
My longquan sword,
But for what?

… …

Will the heaven ever grant me
A mandate?
Allow me to draw out my sword
To confront the warmongers
Banging our front gate!

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