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Chinese Comments on Korean Crisis (3)

27 December 2010


Using war to regulate domestic economy and using armed force to sustain a financial domination in the world is the time-honoured game of the United States. This round Washington keeps stirring troubles in the East Asia serves its objective of channeling the flow of hot money, destabilizing the economic balance in the region and reversing the trend of RMB internationalization.

Which is why when China is doing everything within its power to resolve the confrontation in the Korean Peninsula, South Korea government, with the encouragement of US and the help of another US puppet regime in Japan, has rejected peace talk out right and chose a military path. Since US is so determined to play with fire in front of China gate, the only option left for China to pacify the situation might be to take up the challenge and let the fire burn until the US core interest has also been damaged.




Recently there are almost daily reports on TV news about China’s military development, although just lasted fleeting seconds each time. Today is about the successful launch of Beidou 7 - now the framework of the Big Dipper has taken shape. We are doing the things at a speed 10 times faster than the US. The numbers of third generation warplanes start to catch up, as well as tanker aircrafts and early warning systems, whilst the battleships are built in the yards as quick as the dumplings to be made in the kitchen. Our ground force is not there taking a snooze either. In terms of the equipments – we now have nearly all that US armies possess, and the number of those things increases rapidly, like EMP system. Over the years, the US uses information warfare to bully the small countries around the world. Without it, its ground force worthes almost nothing, really.



If I were Barak Obama and want to contain China, I definitely wouldn’t pick North Korea as a place to start my military venture.

The biggest disadvantage in this scenario is that it would galvanize the alliance between three countries in the former Communist camp. The current South Korean military provocation in disregard for the international criticism can be easily read as a sign that the three countries in the opposing camp, namely USA, South Korea and Japan, have already come up with a military decision to invade North Korea. In this case, China and Russia will re-forge an alliance to counter the US camp – there is no way the pair will sit back doing nothing watching the fire of war to burn into their own backyard.

I bet this will be the only result that South Korean’s military provocation generates, that is to help Russia and China to work together to fight back. What US will do? Take further military action against China and Russia? Three giants are all armed with nukes, who will be bold enough to take the first strike? As you can see, the more trouble South Korea creates in the region, the more harm it does to the United States.

I’m not here to offer my advice to Obama in his war against China. If I can see that, his administration has certainly seen that too, but they still go down the wrong path, which means they are fated doing so.

Those “experts” in China’s central television station have a knee jerking reaction over US military power. If US is really so smart, how come it would invade Iraq that costs US fortune with no real return? How come it would start Korean War and Vietnam War only to get defeated?

To be honest, I don’t think in China there is a distinction between Rightists and Leftists. China only has two kinds of people: traitors who collaborate with foreign powers and patriots who defend national interests. When you examine the issue from this point of view, many things become crystal clear.






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Sun Tzu Art of War:


In all battles, be honest and upfront in order to unite your own force; be peculiar and eccentric in order to break your enemy's strength.


Keep your discipline and stay in calm, await the moment when your enemy is in trouble and disarray - this is the art of dealing with heart.


To be near the target while your enemy is still far from it; to wait at ease while your enemy is toiling his way across. - This is the art of managing the strength.


Refrain from intercepting your enemy who is in perfect order; avoid attacking your opponent who is at composed position. - This is the art of coping with circumstances.

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