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Chinese Comments on Korean Crisis (2)

27 December 2010


Behind the facade of America’s indulgence in saber-rattling overseas is clearly its ailing economy at home.

South Korea has now riding a vicious tiger and I would like to see how it gets off from the current position. In any likelihood, when time comes these people will be the first to be forced to settle the accounts.




Don’t underestimate Japanese and South Koreans' determination to go to war.

For those with poor military visions, they often plagued by two negative traits: one is appearing to be over self-confident and another is the willingness to gamble on the chance.

In the end of 1941 when Hitler declared war against the US, he knew his rival’s military power was much superior than his. But he did it regardless.





Lee Myung Bak dreams to unify the peninsular by force. He should understand 38th parallel was not decided by South Korea alone. North Korea is an independent country and a member of United Nation, does Lee think he is Sadam Husain II and wishes to be punished for invading a neighbouring state?

38线不是南棒一个人划滴~ 再说北韩是一个国家, 联合国承认的国家, 南棒以为自己是美帝, 想打谁就打谁吗?要统一?且慢, 倒要说道说道你侵略别国是啥意思先。


I can see why US administration wants to push China into war by destabilising its surrounding region. But I don’t get why South Koreans are so keen to take the plunge. What’s good for Lee if Seoul has been turned into a ground zero?



Either he has been tricked by Americans or he is a true idiot. Once the war starts, the South Korean economy will be the first to be destroyed. I doubt US is really prepared for the second Korean War. If it does, the world may well have a brand new order …



There can never be a war between Koreans. The South doesn’t even have commanding control over its own military force. If there is a war, it willl be a war between North Korea and the United States.



Japan and South Korea are not qualified to play the game in Northeast Asia. They are just US economic colonies and their governments are the US puppets. If the US really decides to start war in the region, it must prepare to face two more rivals: China and Russia. It’d be better to think it over carefully before calling war.



Once the war begins, we must deliver a deadly blow to South Korea so it won't be able to serve its US master again.

I won’t rule out a bold military action on our side when counter offensive takes place, which may see the armies cross the parallel into the South. I think it could be a good opportunity to dispel some myth regarding America's war machine.



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Lao Tzu, Daode Jing (Book of Virtue):


Before close it, you must open it first; before weaken it, you must allow it to be strengthened first; before eliminate it, you shall let it flourish first; before seize its possession, you ought to help it to hold on the item first. Thus is the subtle wisdom, a way for the weak to triumph over the mighty.

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