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Chinese Comments on Korean Crisis (1)

27 December 2010

Here are some opinions on current South Korean military exercises posted on various Chinese forums, including,, and blog:

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Since the sunken warship incident in March, U.S. keeps pressing South Korea to harass the North with an objective to provoke a war in the region. Hillary Clinton openly criticized the South for not being firm enough, clearly Americans are hoping to save their own skin with Koreans' blood.



The South Koreans appear to be on drugs. Gone is the image of a crying baby victimised by its brother. Now emerging at the tip of the peninsula are 50 million war mongers. The abrupt U turn in the national psyche makes one wonder: what caused the masochists to be suddenly transformed into the tyrannises? Anyone who bothers to look into the forces behind South Korea would realise in no time that it is the United States that pull the strings in the shadow. And the clue on US manipulation can be traced way back to the UN meeting.

It was only ten years ago when Washington was able to command the world to follow its order (pick your side, you are either with me or against me!). But the good days like this have long gone. Nowadays US government is clearly in a panic mode. It is not hard to figure out that once Euro recovers US dollar may have to face the music.

In order to succeed in its covert campaign against Euro, US needs to create a hot spot in Northeast Asia to draw the world attention away.

When you examine America’s domestic policy in economy, you’ll find a big contradiction there. On the one hand, Obama claims to offer tax cuts amounted to $800 billion as part of stimulus package to invigorate market, which, on the other hand, will reduce the revenue and lead to devastating holes on balance sheets. I learned from the news that about half of US state governments are facing financial difficulties, and the perfect storm of financial meltdown stroke the states two years ago may revisit again, which will inevitably dampen consumer confidence. Further more, the Quantitative Easing Monetary Policy takes no effect so far. It seems the only way out of this situation is to go back to its old tricks – to sell US Treasury bond with high interest. Britain has already gone down this path but the result is depressing, due to the low confidence in the US dollar.

I always thought the second and a more severe financial crisis would hit US this September. It didn't happen. Through data manipulation, US has been able to postpone the crisis, but it will only make the situation unsaveable.

While offering tax relief for its citizens, US government tends to believe the international community (such as China) will once again pick up the bills and helps it to shore up the US dollar. However, the much needed support hasn't come. Everyone guards his purse closely, worse still, some countries start to use their own currencies to conduct bilateral trade. The corner of the giant ice burger has already been exposed, the days for it to hold in one piece under the sun are numbered.

In desperation, US government has resorted old gunboat diplomacy in a hope to coerce others to hand out their purse. Whether the world will once again goes down on its knees before the US bullying tactics depends on how determined the nations are so as to put their differences aside and form a united front in order to defend their common interest.

At the moment, US is certainly more worried over a North Korea attack than anyone else, since it could bring the moment of truth for US military prowess.

I do feel sorry for South Koreans and would like to say this to them: Please know your true place in the world and stop throwing your weight around, otherwise, once you’ve messed up the situation and when US decides to flee the scene, you will have to face the consequence.



美实施“重新增强”在世界影响力, 选择东北亚这个地方,起到很大的掩护作用,如果成功了,效果会在短时间内非常明显,如果失败,等于美再次衰落加速。





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A South Korean's Navy Drill:

I've drilled this rabbit hole on public space to create a disputed water territory for my phishing, sorry, fishing exercise. New Year's Eve party with fireworks? That's not for me, mate - my stepmother ordered me to station here until the Rabbit Year. I 命薄 a!

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