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Australians Protest Against US Hypocrisy

14 December 2010

Over 50,000 people in Sydney, Australia's biggest city, and Brisbane, the capital city of Julian Assange’s home state, came out onto the streets on December 11, 2010, urging Australian government to provide protection to Wikileaks' founder who is facing political persecution by the US regime.

Julian Assange exposes some monstrous atrocities committed by the US troops in the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of democracy and freedom

We are indeed living in one of the darkest moments in history when the humanity has lost its sense in justice and integrity. The woman who organised her gang to steal the personal information of foreign diplomats working in the UN building that in effect is not part of US territory - ranging from cell phone number, credit card password, confidential time schedule to DNA property - has not been investigated and charged for espionage and theft but still presents herself as the Secretary of State lecturing the world about human rights and freedom, while the one who exposes her crimes facing the prosecution.

According to various media reports, until Monday, 4 days after Julian Assange's arrest in London, more than half million people signed an online petition in support of "America's public enemy number one".

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Regardless the true facts contained in the leaked documents might be compromised in one way or other before leaking, Wikileaks emergence in itself augurs the coming of age of the mass democracy era, which is in stark contrast to the current "big business + big media" democracy in a typical American fashion that by essence is nothing else but "international dictatorship + internal money politics".

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