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Will It be the Second Korean War or the Third Opium War?

7 December 2010

On 24 November, just one day after the exchange of artillery shelling between two Koreans, a border conflict provoked by the South by entering a disputed territory and opening fire in the water, the Obama administration immediately moved to exploit the situation by escalating the tensions further.

On 26 November, just two days after Obama announced to send nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Washington along with five warships to the Yellow Sea to play war games in China’s front gate, Obama’s genetically-powered crop-seeds carrier Monsanto along with Beachell-Borlaug International Scholars Program entered Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Wuhan and handed cheque to 25 Chinese students pursuing Ph.Ds in GM wheat and rice breeding.

The deputy chief of the CASS Liu Xu was terribly grateful for US GM businessmen’s generosity and promised to hold more GM summit meetings, to carry out more joint research projects, to establish more shared laboratories and to scale up full collaborations between American GM company and Chinese GM players with a collective business objective which is to force-feed 1.3 billion Chinese with GM rice, and beyond. By “beyond”, it means to achieve an ultimate goal of feeding GM crops to the world-wide population. In so doing, Monsanto will be the god to control everybody’s food, and the life, and with the help of their Chinese collaborators, like deputy chief Liu Xu, like Professor Zachary Burton’s watchdog Shi-min Fang, the most fanatic promoter of GM food in China. (Please refer to the news on CAAS official website: 颁奖仪式上,刘旭向获奖同学表示祝贺,向孟山都公司在推动双方合作过程中所作的贡献表示感谢。刘旭介绍了孟山都公司与农科院的交流合作情况,希望通过开展科学家峰会、联合开展合作项目、建立联合实验室等多层次、多形式的合作模式促进双方的全面合作。他鼓励广大学生努力学习,牢固掌握专业技能,为将来走向社会做好准备,为推动我国乃至世界农业科技的发展作出贡献。--中国农业科学院研究生院 ).(From now on, there is no more use for any Chinese GM players – in laboratory or in office – to play innocent regarding China GM research's close association with Monsanto)

On 28 November, just two days after US Monsanto brought GM rice related cheques to China’s Academy, US troops brought nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and related warships to China’s front yard, and fired, and bombed, and are still firing and still bombing, and threaded Chinese, alleged by South Korean media, that if China dares to fight back (go to the war), US will make China go back 100 years.

It is said that South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has prepared to sacrifice 100,000 South Korean lives to unite two Koreas by force.

If history is any guide, 60 years ago, another South Korean president Lee had already put this war-business plan into practice but ended up with American troops experiencing a spectacular defeat first time in its military record.

And if surveys produced by South Korean authority could also be any guide, we do have one conducted by it just shortly before the military conflict on the peninsula.

The study questioned 2,400 primary and high school students in South Korea, China, Japan and United States in terms how proud they feel of their country. China scores the highest with 84.2 percent responded positively while South Korea and Japan are at the bottom, with only 62.9% and 55.3% giving a positive hint. When inquired how willing they are to fight for their country, again, Chinese youths top the charts with 74.8 percent replied yes, while among the American youths, more than half declined to help their country (only 49.7% said they will). The situations are not any more promising in South Korean and Japan, with only 56.3 and 29.3 said yes respectively.

In 1950, General Douglas MacArthur’s promise of “home by Christmas” ruined not only his next 14 Christmases but the myth of US military invincibility. In 2010, a former US commander’s vow to make China go back 100 years may result America itself slipping back 500 years to a pre-White-colonial era when native Indians freely lived on their own land.

But hang on! We may need to think again over the whole scenario. And again, if history is any guide, 60x3-10 years ago, Mr Obama’s maternal ancestors in Britain sent gunboats to fire at China’s water gate as a measure of military support for British businessmen inside China selling opium to Chinese with the help of corrupted local scholar-officials.

Is history really a guide?

Will the next military confrontation between China and the United States be the second Korean War or the third Opium War?

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South Korean politicians with military background identified burnt thermal bottles as bombshells when they inspected Yeonpyeong Island where the artillery exchange between two Koreas took place on November 23, 2010. With such botched military experiences, will these guys be able to enjoy the fruit of uniting two countries by force or be part of Lee Myung-bak’s 100,000 lambs scarified for his personal ambition of becoming the president of entire peninsula?

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