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The Return of the King
After Overcame All High Hurdles

25 November 2010

China's Liu Xiang (刘翔) led the race at the Asian Games

He was born and trained in Shanghai, then crowned King of 110m hurdle race in Athens, then reduced to a heart break kid in Beijing, then broke the record with a speed of 13.09sec and won his third Asian Games high hurdles title on the trot in Guangzhou thus has reclaimed his throne in the fields. What a legendary circle he has completed, so much like what China experienced and is experiencing and will experience... ...


Li Xiang (刘翔): Heavens, I'm number one again, yes!

Shi Dongpeng (史冬鹏): Oh my God, I'm number two.

I represent China to show off muscles.

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On Tuesday, November 23, Chinese Boxer Gao Feng (高峰) beat his Iraqi rival and won the bronze medal at the Asian Games. However, instead of running around to show off his victory, he carried his injured rival in his arms and the two left the field together.

A good Chinese will not leave his buddy in the battlefield alone. No!

Mr Zhang Hongliang (张洪良) is a deputy director and chief engineer of Eight Fields Mine in Weiyuan County (威远县), Sichuan Province. He doesn’t have to lie in hospital bed with a tube through his nose. But he does, out of his own choice.

When a couple of days ago he received a report that a working shaft could be flooded, he was safely stationed in his seat filing his report. But instead of ordering his staff to save the situation, like most of his counterparts in China might do, he dashed out of his office and went down the shaft with another deputy chief Cheng Ronghui (程荣) to personally organise the minders working there to escape the fate.

They did, all 27 minders, plus two chiefs, after 25 hours. But Zhang was the last to surface from the flooded shaft, since he wanted to make sure all his workers were safely rescued before he left the dangerous premises.

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