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Cabbages from Colleges

1 November 2010

October 31, 2010, the last day of Shanghai Expo, a bunch of “Chinese Green Cabbages” from Donghua University leapt in the air jubilantly before China Pavilion where they served as volunteers.

Little green cabbage (小白菜) with snow white stems and juicy green leaves is the most popular vegetable on the diner tables of Shanghai residents. Since the Expo volunteers wore a uniform with white pants and green shirt that made them look as though cabbages grown in mobile vegetable plots, and since most of them are young college students, and since they were so approachable and helpful to the expo visitors, just like what the little green cabbages to the people in Shanghai - refreshing, nutritious and easy to get - they are thus dearly dubbed Little Green Cabbage.

It is reported by the local media that there were nearly 7000 Cabbages actively serving (not being served – don’t get it wrong) the visitors to Shanghai Expo. Towards the closing time of the show, an extra service of stamping an iconic image of volunteer bearing a green cabbage hairdo - an artwork created by a sweet-heart and sentimental-mood Cabbage boy or girl - on visitors' Expo ticket became so popular that a huge crowd queued up for getting this uniformed cartoon signature.

A pair of Shanghai Expo fans from Poland wave large fans with Chinese writings that read, “The Wonderful Expo” and “Thanks Shanghai”.

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Magic Cube (魔方previously called Dawning 5000A), the first supercomputer designed and built by Chinese with a speed of operation over 160 trillion times per second, is providing its service in Shanghai since June 2009 with the utilization ratio reportedly reaching 99 percent, widely used in the areas of nanotechnology, biomedicine, and aviation & space technologies.

Tianhe-1A (天河一号) is a record-breaking supercomputer newly built by Chinese and is the fastest electronic brain in the world. It is so powerful that it is believed to be able to break into the top secret related to the programs of military aggression and weapons of mass destructions - like the ones created by the Pentagon and Tokyo - thus it can help defending the world peace.

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