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A Baby's Tears

24 November 2010

This 6-month old Chinese baby boy living in Wuhan, where world-renowned and China's best medical professional Dr. Chuanguo Xiao worked on his revolutionary trial Xiao Procedure to relief suffering of some boys and girls with bladder problems, has an amazing response to song …

Well, not any song but the one sung by Wang Fei, China’s most popular Buddhist singer; not all Wang Fei’s songs but the one titled The Legend.

According to his mom, the baby’s tears would be rolling down silently whenever Wang intones the following line:

宁愿相信我们前世有约 (I'd rather to believe this date was pre-arranged in our past life ...)

It's legendary!

Or is it? Maybe not, maybe we all have this experience: we slept, then we woke up next morning to a new day a new life, then later on some people turned up on our doorstep, then we remembered, ouch, we invited them yesterday to come for a tea party today ... but we forgot all this ...

And this baby ... he might go to bed with his loved one and wake up to find he was in a new place and surrounded by total strangers...

"Where is my family? Who are these people?" he was confused and anxious, supposedly.

Then he heard Wang Fei's voice:

... ...

我一直在你身旁 从未走远

I'd rather to believe
This date was pre-arranged in our past life.
... ...

I've never wandered to other realm,
But stay by your side all this time.

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Singer Wang Fei

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