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What Chinese Say about US-SK War Games in the Yellow Sea

29 November 2010

Some Chinese online advocators urge Chinese government to show appropriate hospitality to the honoured guests from the United States by entertaining American marines with a grand firework party, and offer them permanent residency in the Yellow Sea.

Here are more messages posted on and by some Chinese cyber residents:


In this whole drama staged on the peninsular, North Korea's situation becomes more difficult by the day while US-SK alliance grows stronger than ever - there should be no doubt about that.

Just look at what North Koreans have achieved? All they did were having (allegedly) sunk a warship, bombarded an island - a lot of hype, nothing else.

Now watch what joint US-SK forces have accomplished: You North tested a nuke, we punished you with a military exercise. You destroyed a ship? We punished you with more military exercise. You fired at a house? We are punishing you with more and more military exercise. We'll keep doing more and more and more military exercises until you can take it no more.

Initially South Korea played a martial game alone in the disputed territory. Since United States joined the team with an aircraft carrier, the drill has been upgraded to the open sea that is far, far away from the disputed area. "Now we are out of your reach? This is the best punishment on you." Indeed, the local residents must feel terribly exacerbated for having no excuse to apprehend a group of psychos running wild and yelling aloud in a nearby beach.






Americans and S. Koreans keep playing war games at other people's front door day in day out and year after year, who can take it? They deserve some hard lessons.



As I said: South Koreans are the biggest trouble-makers. Had they hadn't fired in the disputed water, would North Koreans open fire at them?



Those South Koreans seem to have nothing better to do but muck around looking for an opportunity to be kicked in the ass. Who let them ignore the warnings from the North? Now you call your American dad for help? So? I would like to see North Korean people to give both of them a good kick.

韩国棒子就是没事找抽型的 无视朝鲜警告自取其辱 你美国干爹来了一块揍 坚决支持朝鲜人民的正义战争


China should hold joint military exercise with North Korea in the Yellow Sea and prepare to defeat US invasion!



Wherever there are Americans troops, there are troubles.


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