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Japan's Imperial Drive

4 October 2010

According to an UN treaty, Japan as a defeated fascist nation of WWII must give up its former territory possessions outside its four home islands and return the Ryukyu Islands and Diaoyu Islands to China.

Without resolving this problem left from the war, Japan can never be a normal country again but has to be overruled by the United States.

军刀与菊花 - 暴力与征服

The desire to seek honour through war and the yearning for conquering others are so deeply embedded in the collective Japanese psyche which may take this country much longer, and much much longer to be rehabilitated. Japanese people really need to work harder. Harder!

Some Neo-Nazi organisations have revived in Japan. Seemingly these people haven't really learned a thing from their war history.

Note the sign on this man's arm.

The sign on the vehicle reads "Revival the Imperial Army". The spirit of Imperialism hasn't really left Japan which is the underlying drive that led Japanese Navy to fight against Chinese fishing administration ships over China's Diaoyu Islands.

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A dozen of China's fishing administration ships are patrolling the Diaoyu Islands.

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