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Open Letter in Support of Chuan-Guo Xiao, M.D.
from the International Academic Community

1 October 2010

September 29, 2010


To all,

We have all had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Chuan-Guo Xiao for many years. He is an internationally respected surgeon-scientist who has made major advances in the development of neuroregeneration to restore voiding and bowel function. Dr. Xiao performed groundbreaking animal research in the United States, demonstrating that a motor nerve that innervates the leg can be used to reinnervate the bladder and bowel. This reinnervation allows for development of a reflex to initiate bladder function. The results of his studies were published in peer-reviewed journals and other scientists have replicated Xiao’s findings confirming these results.

Dr. Xiao eventually took the courageous step of moving from animal research to human studies and began performing the rerouting procedure on patients with spinal cord injury and spina bifida in China. Neurogenic bladder is life threatening in China due to a lack of both antimuscarinics and intermittent catheterization, and lessening the complications of neurogenic bladder would be considered a lifesaving success. Patients with neurogenic bladder and bowel suffer greatly and endure a host of issues such as urinary retention, incontinence, recurrent infections, renal insufficiency, fecal incontinence, constipation, and poor quality of life. For a procedure as complicated as nerve rerouting requiring nerve regeneration, one cannot expect normalization of bladder and bowel function to be the definition of success. What is important is that the benefits outweigh the risks of the procedure.

Dr. Xiao published his clinical results in peer-reviewed journals and was twice honored by the Jack Lapides Essay Contest, one of the most respected international awards given to scientists who make major contributions to the field of neurourology.In 2008, he was named the Kelm Hjalmas Memorial Lecturer from the International Children’s Continence Society for his scientific achievements. Many of us have traveled to China to examine patients treated by Dr. Xiao and/or have been trained by him in the nerve rerouting surgery he invented. Dr. Xiao is a very skilled surgeon who is passionate about patient care and works tirelessly to train physicians around the world in performing his nerve rerouting procedure.

In the United States, an independent and very rigorous pilot research trial was performed to test the safety and efficacy of this procedure. The one-year results were recently published in the Journal of Urology. At the 12-month follow-up visit, a cutaneous to bladder reflex was found in 7 of 9 spina bifida patients, confirming that rerouting does occur. This finding by itself is remarkable and Dr. Xiao should be commended. In addition, a number of patients demonstrated improvement in bladder and bowel function, which has continued to improve with longer patient follow-up. The 36-month results are currently being analyzed and will be reported in the near future. The pilot data was supportive of Dr. Xiao’s procedure, and now an NIH sponsored clinical trial is being conducted to further study lumbar to sacral nerve rerouting in spina bifida patients. In addition, similar procedures have been done worldwide, with Dr. Xiao helping to mentor the surgeons at each site.

The Chinese people and government should be proud of Dr. Xiao for his dedication to his patients, his scientific achievements, and his willingness to train doctors around the world how to perform his surgery. The International scientific community was shocked to hear of Dr. Xiao’s arrest. Those of us who know Dr. Xiao well find it difficult to believe that he is involved in these attacks. Dr. Xiao is a compassionate man who is respected worldwide for his integrity and his innovative scientific contributions to society. We implore the Chinese government and authorities to treat Dr. Xiao fairly and to protect his human rights as these charges are investigated. Please strongly consider Dr. Xiao’s scientific and humanitarian contributions to the world as facts are gathered in this case.


Kenneth M. Peters, MD
Professor and Chairman of Urology
Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, Michigan USA

Jack S. Elder, M.D.
Chief of Urology, Henry Ford Health System
Associate Director, Vattikuti Urology Institute
Department of Urology,
Children\\'s Hospital of Michigan
Detroit, MI USA

Edwin A. Smith M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor of Urology
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Kevin M. Feber, MD, FAAP
Beaumont Children\\'s Hospital
Royal Oak, MI USA

Ananias C. Diokno, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Executive Vice President & CMO
Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, Michigan 48073 USA

Juan José de Benito
Hospital Nacional de Clínicas
Córdoba, Argentina.

William E. Nantau B.Sc., CNIM
Clinical Manager
Clinical Neurophysiology Department
Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak, MI USA

Chief, Division of Pediatric Urology
Beaumont Childrens Hospital
Professor of Urology, Oakland University-William
Beaumont School of Medicine USA

Jacques Corcos MD.
Professor of Urology, McGill University
General Secretary of the International Continence
Jewish General hospital
3755 Cote Ste-Catherine
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3T 1E2

Jose Gonzalez, M.D.
Department of Urology
Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, Michigan USA

Christopher Payne, MD
Associate Professor of Urology
Stanford University Medical School
Stanford, CA 94305-5118 USA

Kenneth I. Glassberg, MD
Director, Division of Pediatric Urology
Morgan Stanley Children\\'s Hospital of New York-
Professor of Urology, Columbia University
College of Physicians and Surgeons
3959 Broadway, CHN 1118 NY USA

Earl Y. Cheng, MD
Associate Professor of Urology
Children’s Memorial Hospital
Chicago, Illinois USA

Darius J. Bagli, MDCM
Professor of Surgery
Senior Associate Scientist
Director of Urology Research
Divisions of Urology and
Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
The Hospital For Sick Children
Institute of Medical Science
University of Toronto

FRCS(england) FEBPU
Paediatric urology unit
Hopital Necker-Enfants-Malades
149, rue de Sèvres
75015 Paris, France

Dr. Amrish Vaidya MS. MCh.
Consultant Paediatric Surgeon,
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital,
4 Bungalows, Andheri W, Mumbai, India

Marc Cendron, MD
Associate Professor in Urology
Harvard Medical School
Children’s Hospital Boston
Boston, MA USA

Stuart B. Bauer, MD
Associate Director, Neurourology
Professor of Urology
Harvard Medical School
Children’s Hospital Boston
Boston, MA USA

Edmond T. Gonzales, Jr., MD
Professor of Urology
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston TX USA
Richard Macchia, MD FACS
SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor
Cleveland Clinic, Florida

Benjamin Girdler, MD
Urology Center of the Rockies
Fort Collins, Colorado USA

William C. de Groat, Ph.D.
Professor of Pharmacology
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Michael R. Ruggieri, Sr., Ph.D.
Director of Urologic Research
Temple University School of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA USA

Stanley J Kogan MD
Chief, Pediatric Urology
Children\\'s Hospital at Montefiore
Bronx NY USA

Anthony Caldamone, MD
University Urologic Associates, Inc.
2 Dudley St Ste 185
Providence, RI 02905 USA

Yves Homsy MD, FRCSC, FAAP
Clinical Professor of Urological Surgery and
University of South Florida
Children\\'s Urology Group
5507 E. Longboat Blvd
Tampa FL 33615 USA

Dr. Enrique Turina
Professor of urology of the National University of
Buenos Aires
Chief of section Urology of Instituto de
Government of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dr. Angel Ozón
Urologist of the Instituto de Rehabilitación of Buenos

Dr. Daniel Ekizian
Urologist of Instituto de Rehabilitación.
Professor Dr. med. Karl-Dietrich Sievert
Vice Chair
Prof. of Urology, Director - Uro-oncology,
Neurourology, Incontinence, & Reconstructive
Department of Urology University of Tuebingen
D72076 Tuebingen, Germany

Holly Gilmer, MD
Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery
Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, Michigan USA

Yegappan Lakshmanan, MD
Chief, Pediatric Urology
Children’s Hospital of Michigan
Detroit, MI USA

[Chinese Version 中文]

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Shi-min Fang attacks the international academics who signed the open letter on his twitter blog:

"Are these 31 academics preparing to support a murder mastermind? 【?? There is no murder conspiracy charge ever laid against Dr Xiao. Does Fang understand his words may constitute an offence of blatant interference in an ongoing trial?】 Those who signed are all belong to one interest group and fooled by Xiao's lies that the procedure has become regular surgical operation in China with 85 percent of successful rate, therefore wish to take this opportunity to get their hands on funding from their respective government. The result of the pilot research trial in the United States has been challenged by the Journal of Urology recently, but they say it's all good. Now Xiao has been arrested, what are these guys going to do now?"


“31 位国际学术同仁声援肖传国医生的公开信 ”,声援肖传国雇凶杀人?签名者基本上都是同一个利益集团的,受肖传国“肖氏手术在中国是常规手术,有85%成功率”的谎言欺骗,申请资金也想试试。美国一期试验的结果最近遭到《泌尿学杂志》的质疑,该信却说效果很好。肖被抓了,他们该怎么办?”

Wise Young
The moderator of the sci.rutgers forum:

I have been reluctant to comment on this matter in large part because there is insufficient evidence. The so-called "investigation" of Dr. Xiao's results that you describe was carried out by a lawyer who is not qualified to assess patients and apparently affiliated with Mr. Fang, a long-time critic of Dr. Xiao. Normally, in science and medicine, results are confirmed by other investigators who do similar studies to ascertain whether the results can be replicated.

To his credit, Dr. Xiao has been working very hard over the past 5 years to teach his procedure to other doctors and to encourage them to do and publish clinical trials of the Xiao method of treating bladder paralysis. The results of the first clinical trial by Dr. Peters at the Oakland University William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan, was recently published in the Journal of Urology. I understand that other studies in Scandinavia will be published soon. Dr. Xiao has published his work. It is not difficult to find the studies.

I urge people to come to their own conclusions concerning the results. I do not want to impose my opinions concerning the results until people have had a chance to read the work and discuss the results. In the meantime, I attach a letter from the international academic community concerning Dr. Xiao and the news concerning his incarceration. This letter is very supportive of Dr. Xiao and has been signed by some of the most prominent urologists and scientists in the field.


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