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A Bedtime Story for Five-year olds:
A Tale of A Flower

16 October 2010

Once upon a time, there was a yellow flower grown in a dark and muddy and filthy china pot ... ...

Irrigated by a boy consumed more than ten years of genetically modified corn juice.

The flower grew into a genetically-engineered china girl and the two got married.

Riding on the back of the king of the forest, the couple were self-appointed as the deputy sheriffs of the beast and policed the middle kingless-dom with the aid of their constantly updated New Threats.

While the girl beat the drum of the terror in the background, the boy watered the Chinese scientific field with bio-chemical sewage, and declared he would be the only one to represent all kids with urological problems to pee.

Eventually, the grass become thin and develop bare spots, the kids get sick, and the boy was hit by an alleged hammer on the bum or the head. He runs away onto a treehouse in a U.S. park ... ...

But the yellow flower girl drags him back with a thunderous roar: Listen, honey! If run away, should we run away together?


麓谷 (a member of Fang gang)(

Does China need to clean up the mess of widespread fraud in the scientific research? If your answer is yes, then how are you going to do it? If you say it can be dealt with by government bodies, then what if they are inefficient or unresponsive? (Which in fact is the case; and if you think otherwise, slap your own mouth). If you reckon under such circumstances, Fang and his website still have no right to take over the matter, then what is your solution to the problem?


猫头鹰 (

What a load of ball shit! 麓谷 talks like a typical cult member who thinks the world would end without the occult guru.

Let me ask you, have you ever reported any fraud conduct to the government bodies? Do it first, okay! If you think the government has failed to respond to your report, you may explore other venues to resolve the issue, but you must understand you will have to be responsible for whatever action you've taken, which means if you you've lost your court case, you pay your fine or do you time.

Now, tell me, has Fang ever reported his suspicion of fraud regarding Dr Xiao's work to any government body? Never! When Fang lost his court case on defamation and was ordered to pay 40,000 yuans to the victim, Dr. Xiao, what he did? He refused to comply but openly abused the judge and escaped to U.S.A.



理航 (

You hit the head of the nail, 猫头鹰. Fang group has long been structured into an organised social force for one purpose only: to do what its members are not allowed or not able to do through proper channel, including to take personal revenge against their foes through smear campaigns, and further beyond.

方这个黑帮存在的意义就是让一些小人可以做到正规机构所做不到的诬人清白、 打击异己、坑害国人的目的。

SR (

Like most so-called Chinese Democracy activists [such as Liu Xiaobo, Wei Jingsheng and Eddie Cheng], Fang and his wife do not really care about any nation's interest, whether it be China or America. They just use the conflict between the two countries to maximise their personal gain. They are the cancer in any human society.



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方舟子 Shi-min Fang:

Once again, we'll return,
Holding high the banner of rebellion
Against Chinese culture and tradition.
Lava flow will spread like weeds
After volcano's eruption.
In the smell of burning,
We'll raise to heaven.
The final judgment day
Is approaching.

熔岩一旦喷出 将如野草般蔓延
在焦黄的气息中我们飞升 然后永生
那最后的时刻 正在来临

遨游时空's comment on Fang's poem:

A loser loves to fancy resurrection,
Over and over again,
A dream he will never abandon.
In hallucination, he's transformed into a lord,
Enjoying his feast in heaven.
When wake up, alas,
He sees only a bunch of
gm corn
In the oven.









老道 (




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