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Who Is Helping the Victims of the "Reform" (1)?

26 October 2010

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Numerous petitions were presented to the local authority in Shaanxi Province, urging an immediate release of the lawyer who helped the workers left disadvantaged in the process of “reform”.

But it didn’t happen. Zhang and other union bosses, who filed charge against lawyer Zhao, stood in the witness box (?!) of Xi’an’s East Town District Court to testify Zhao’s crime of leading a group of workers to unlawfully enter the premise of the workers’ union, despite there is a written evidence to prove that the workers were invited in by the union ten days ago; and that the unauthorized gathering destructed the normal working process of the union, despite there were over 60 staff in the union building that day, of which only five engaged in the talk with the visiting group in the meeting hall.

The relevant local authorities’ assistance (intentionally or unintentionally) to the efforts of smearing China's legal system initiated by the folks like Thorbjorn Jagland of Oslo and Shi-min Fang of San Diego is not just confined to tricks in the witness box.

On October 19 when Zhao’s new lawyer from Beijing arrived in Xi’an for the second hearing scheduled to take place on October 25, and met with the magistrate at the district court, he was told that the verdict was yet to be reached. But just few hours later, the same magistrate went to the cell and announced the court verdict to Zhao without informing his lawyer. On the paper, the date that indicated the time when the judgment was granted was specified October 17. Zhao received 3 years sentence.

The heavy sentence and the way it was handled prompted an outcry among China’s left-leaning intellectuals and their young followers, mainly concentrated on the online flagship for China's leftists Land of Utopia (乌有之乡, a website that stands on the frontline in defending Chinese civilization and the interest of Chinese people, in particular the disadvantaged people at grassroots level, and in fighting against the neo-colonist crusade waged by Washington, by Oslo and by Tokyo, and by their local collaborators Liu Xiaobo, Li Rui and Du Daozheng.

Many in the Land of Utopia believe that the true reason for Zhao's heavy sentence could be far beyond his conflict with the union boss. The fact that he was arrested a month after the union meeting when he was providing legal service to another group of unfairly treated workers by a state-enterprise in the middle of “reforming” has spoken volumes. In an international climate where China has found itself becoming the chief target of the die-hard colonists in the West, they wonder whether the current format of “reform” would play into the colonists' hand and become an easy route for transferring the public assets to private ownership, then to joint venture, then to total foreign ownership; and worry that once China's economy is largely controlled by foreign powers, China may once again return to a state of colonization in economy, from there further led to colonization in politics, and ultimately to colonization in civilization. If so, Liu Xiaobo’s dream to see China be colonized for at lease 300 years may one day come true, Thorbjorn Jagland’s dream to see the West overrule China’s national sovereignty with or without the excuse of “universal human rights” may one day come true, and Clinton-Obama regime's dream of brining an end to China’s further development to ensure the West’s privilege in resource share in the world may one day come true.

Neo-colonist warriors and Hitler-admirer's admirers fire at Chinese civilisation and sovereignty from Oslo

Yes, China needs a reform, in economy and in politics and in culture, yet it must not be the one promoted by Washington and Oslo, but the one currently occurring in Chongqing, so as to clear up the internal system first.

[1] [2]

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