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Should 5 Norwegians Be Tried
for the Crimes of Racial Discrimination & Anti-human Rights?

7 October 2010

The five men in the Nobel Committee have awarded a Chinese man named Liu Xiaobo a prize called "Peace".

Who is this Chinese man? Let him introduce himself in his own words:

[A conversation during an interview with a Hong Kong media Jiefang Monthly]

Q: Can China be reformed?

Liu: No, not possible. Even one or two leaders have such a determination, there will be nothing they can do about it. The condition just doesn't exist.

Q: Under what condition China will be able to experience a genuine historical change then?

Liu: Only when China is ruled under foreign powers for 300 years. It took 100 years of colonization for Hong Kong to become what it is today. China is so big, therefore I doubt if 300 years of colonization is enough.

Q: These are words of high treason. Do you realise that?

Liu: For me, patriotism or treason is totally irrelevant. If you think I've betrayed my country, so be it. I wouldn't mind to admit that. I feel proud of being a traitor.

I call Westernisation as internationalisation and globalization, because only when you become Westernised, you'll be able to live like a man. This is not a choice up to an individual nation. This is decided by whole humanity. Which is why I disgust the notion of "national character".







刘晓波:我无所谓爱国、叛国,你要说我叛国,我就叛国! 就承认自己是挖祖坟的不孝子孙,且以此为荣。

全盘西化就是人化、现代化,选择西化就是要过人的生活,西化与中国制度的区别就是人与非人的区别,换言之,要过人的生活就要选择全盘西化,没有和稀泥及调和的余地。我把西化叫做国际化、世界化,因为只有西化,人性才能充分发挥,这不是一个民族的选择,而是人类的选择, 所以,我很讨厌“民族性”这个词。


Of course, Nobel "Peace" Prize has already proven itself to be a tool for Western crusade against the East, for it consistently rewards the collaborates in the East and the warmongers in the West. One more crow falling into a pile of coal won't make the scene darker. But still, justice should be served. Those who deliberately insult and humiliate Chinese people should pay for what they've done.

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Racially discriminating against his own people is Liu Xiaobo's trademark which might explain why he is so hot among some racist Norwegians and other Westerners.

What Chinese Say


I think Chinese government has done a right thing by lock up traitors like Liu Xiaobo and Hu Jia in prison. It would harm the interest of Chinese nation and compromise the human rights of Chinese people if the government allow these foreign collaborates to say what they want to say and do what they want to do.

Liu Xiaobo jumped out to stir up trouble was for the sake of collecting the rewards from American Endowment Foundation and other anti-China organisations like the ones in Taiwan province. They won't pay a cent to non-performers.

我认为中国政府关押主张颜色革命的刘晓波、 胡佳这类汉奸完全正确。如果中国政府让这些以叛国为荣、 以民主自由美化自己的汉奸胡作非为, 就是对中国人民人权和利益最大的践踏。


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