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Western Allied Forces Appointed the Chief of the Collaborator Staff in China (2)

9 October 2010

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Since Liu Xiaobo proclaimed Westernisation is equal to internationalisation and globalization and urged the West to occupy and colonise and rule China for at least 300 years, it's not surprising that the Washington and Oslo and others would like to appoint Liu as the chief of the collaborator staff in China. Liu is keen for the position too. Despite having been kicked out of the collaborators' community by other collaborators, he has not stopped to aspire for the high office, even a puppet one. "I've been fighting for the democracy for 20 years, should I not have a chance to become Chinese president?" he once questioned bitterly.

But his dream might be ruined by the high profile appointment at Oslo for it becoming so clear to most Chinese that for whose interest Liu is truly fighting. He can no longer fool around.

Oslo's offensive challenge also helps many Chinese to realise one thing, that the impulse of some Western crusaders, like those 5 Norwegians, to bring China to its knees is alive and well, ever since the Opium War in 1840, ever since the invasion of Beijing and the burning of imperial garden in 1900 and ever since the semi-colonisation of China before the Chinese Communist Party came to power.

And the assault further helps many Chinese to grasp the fact that despite all its faults, at this stage and in the foreseeable future Chinese Communist Party, and only the Chinese Communist Party, can prevent China from being broken up by Obama and Dalai Lama, and to protect China from being colonised by Norwegians and Japanese. Given Liu Xiaobo, a self-claimed traitor, half a chance, there will be no more Chinese civilisation on the planet.

And more importantly, the desperate step taken by Oslo is a sign of assurance to some skeptical minds in China that the current Chinese administration led by President Hu Jintao has not bowed to the Western pressure and has not compromised the national interests.

Since Liu is a convicted criminal sentenced to jail by Chinese judicial authorities for violation of Chinese law, 5 Norwegians' decision should be viewed as an aggressive attack on China's sovereignty. For a whale killing nation of mere 4 million people with a strong pirate tradition, Norway must have already accumulated heavy karmic debts. Now it further proceeds to deny the rights of 1.4 billion people to decide independently who should go to jail and whose freedom should be protected, what kind of fruit will Norway reap from the seeds it sowed? Worth pondering.

Note, the five-member Nobel Committee is led by Thorbjoern Jagland, who was president of Norway's parliament before last year becoming secretary general of the Council of Europe.

And note too, the chief of the Allied Forces, Barack Obama, is ordering China to free his chief collaborator.

Which means the war is looming!

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Racially discriminating against his own people is Liu Xiaobo's trademark which might explain why he is so hot among some racist Norwegians and other Westerners.

Famous Quotes by Liu Xiaobo:

Only when China is ruled under foreign powers for 300 years (China can be changed). It took 100 years of colonization for Hong Kong to become what it is today. China is so big, therefore I doubt if 300 years of colonization is enough.

For me, patriotism or treason is totally irrelevant. If you think I've betrayed my country, so be it. I wouldn't mind to admit that. I feel proud of being a traitor.

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