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Western Allied Forces Appointed the Chief of the Collaborator Staff in China (1)

9 October 2010

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Liu Xiaobo, a convicted criminal with a heart of the White, has become the second Chinese receiving the highest honour from a new-age Eight Power Allied Forces from the West. The Allied crusade Force - this time it is not led by Germany but the United States with Norway as the vanguard - thinks Liu has done a tremendous job in promoting non-resistance to a foreign invasion and colonization, which in Norway is also known as "peace", a peace the Norwegians once experienced during the Nazi era under the leadership of Vidkun Quisling's Nasjonal Samling.

Chinese are much more violent than Norwegians in comparison, evidently demonstrated by their unruly behaviour in the WWII. For eight long years, the resistance movements in China never ceased to exist until Japanese begged for peace.

But it is by no means to say that there are no peace-loving folks among Chinese. There were, there are and there will always be.

Dalai Lama is the one, albeit his love is quite partial, as when he keeps preaching peace in the West he never stops encouraging riots in China. But as an CIA payee for over 20 years, his service to the Western interest is unreserved and his determination to break a chunk of land off China is unbending.

Then we have this guy called Liu Xiaobo with an aspiration for peace much higher than that serf lord from the top of a tall snow mountain. Liu wants to help the Allied Forces to return to China as a bunch of lords placing all native people under their rule, like what Hitler's Nazi party once achieved in Norway. When China as a sovereign nation-state is none exist, there can be no China threat to the West. Peace therefore will reign in the East in the West at the gun point and forever.

Liu Xiaobo is indeed the reborn of Wang Jingwei, a Chinese version of Henry Oliver Rinnan and the chief collaborator with Japanese Imperial Armies during the second Sino-Japan war. No wonder Japanese PM is currently jumping and shouting in excitement -- the date for the return of the Second Class Devil (二鬼子) is scheduled.

Liu was sentenced to 11 years in prison on last Christmas day for conspiring to subvert the government, a crime that is punishable in any country on earth, including those in Europe. Charter 08 that Liu organized is not an open letter as some Western media would like you to believe, but an alternative institution formulated under the direct instruction of a foreign power, namely Washington administration, that has been seeking to install a pro-US regime which would peacefully obey every US order and serve all US interest without noisy protest and unyielding objection, just like what a local government led by Mr Ma in Taiwan has managed to do.

Charter 08 is said to be a copycat of Charter 77, a subversion movement founded in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s which eventually brought down the government and broke up the country into two. Little doubt it would be Washington and Oslo’s hope that the same story can be retold in China.

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Racially discriminating against his own people is Liu Xiaobo's trademark which might explain why he is so hot among some racist Norwegians and other Westerners.

Famous Quotes by Liu Xiaobo:

Only when China is ruled under foreign powers for 300 years (China can be changed). It took 100 years of colonization for Hong Kong to become what it is today. China is so big, therefore I doubt if 300 years of colonization is enough.

For me, patriotism or treason is totally irrelevant. If you think I've betrayed my country, so be it. I wouldn't mind to admit that. I feel proud of being a traitor.

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