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An Organised Gang in Beijing (1)

4 October 2010

Professor Zachary Burton's watchdog Shi-min Fang and his local collaborators in China seemingly have or have been organised into a mafia-style gang rampaging on Chinese cyber space with criminal activities including making public threats to intimidate and silence Fang's critics, obstructing and interfering legal process, obtaining personal data through hacking online databases and unlawfully exposing his opponents' private information.

The following are some of the evidences collected online:

(1) Using Offensive Language Attacking His Opponent's Family Member


The below is Fang’s message posted on his website with pseudonym Magnetic Man:

I slept with Xiao Chuan-guo’s wife, for free, I said it long ago.

When a man’s family member has been insulted publicly and repeatedly, what do you expect this man to do?

Fang is also a guy loving to seek retribution on his critics and opponents by publishing their birth data and even the details of their siblings on his website.

Here I would like to remind Fang: you, too, have a family. You have a wife working at Xinhua news agency, you have a daughter attending kindergarten, and I hope you can take their safety and well being into your consideration when you're in your bloodthirsty pursuit of other people's families. Please stopping acting like mafia godfather.

Of course, Dr. Xiao ought to totally ignore that mad dog in the first place. In Beijing’s academic circle, nowadays no one would bother to waste his time on Fang? He is just a pathetic loser desperately seeking public attention.

With regard to China’s academic situation, I keep vigilant against media but remain hopeful about future.




另外,方是民挖别人家庭信息后,放到网络上, 有别人的生日年月,兄弟姐妹的名字,并发表充满恐吓意味的言论, 我只想说,方是民,你也有家庭,老婆是新华社的刘菊花,你也有几岁的女儿,也希望你为家庭作想,不要再做伤天害理的事情。

肖教授其实可以不必理会方狗的,想想在北京的科研机构,现在谁理方狗啊。 他就是在石景山吃软饭,骗一骗低学历的人,偶尔和司马南上台耍个把式而已。

在学术上, 我警惕媒体, 相信未来。

(2) Intimidating Legal Professionals Who Dare to Represent His Opponents


Fang intimidated Dr. Xiao’s legal advisors. Below is a post appeared on Fang’s website:

For the Postgraduate School of China University of Political Science and Law who provides legal service to Xiao, I have the following message for you:

1) I will publish the following article in full in both Chinese and English languages and on both China and overseas cyber spaces: Corruption and Black Society in China University of Political Science and Law. I will also name names of those who are involved in the scandals and publish all related documentation online.

2) If any law firms dare to help Xiao, I will scrutinise all the cases you have been worked on, and once I discover any errors, I will disclose them online on a massive scale both in Chinese and English, in China and overseas. Therefore I wish the lawyers who prepare to take Xiao's case will have an impeccable record on your work, otherwise, you may should reconsider your decision.

As soon as I receive a letter from a solicitor working for Xiao, I will immediately initiate the countermeasures mentioned above. Note, all my actions will be executed under fake ids so as to allow my mission to complete without disturbance.


1. 鉴于中国政法大学研究生院主持了本次起诉行动,本人声明:本人将在相关海内外网站上以中英文全文发表《中国政法大学腐败与黑社会纪实》,将对腐败和黑社会分子以真名实姓的方式予以批露,并附上所有的证据扫描件。




Links to the evidences: (XYS20070313)

(3) Intimidating His Critics


Fang’s gang intimidate his critics:

Baizi Xiucan

Wouldn't it be great that no one exposes your private information online? Would it be nice you can continue to share your cozy family blog with your friends? You’ve already returned China and resettled, you should learn to keep a low profile and not to challenge police 【Has China’s police force become the private guards for US citizen Fang? Look what that woman police fabricated on TV yesterday! - Admin】

As long as you stop criticizing Fang, I believe, he will forgive you, and we the Fang’s followers will also forgive you. 【What a typical mafia’s language - admin】




(4) Illegally Monitoring the Physical Movement of His Critics:


Fang’s gang illegally monitored the movement of Fang's chief critic Yi Ming, the author of a popular online book The Truth Story of Xiao and Fang, and posted their threats online:


Fang expert Yi Ming has not appeared in the Building for the Humanitarian at the University of South Carolina since 5pm on April 30, 2010. From that day on, he hasn’t stepped out of his home, working day and night on his book The Truth Story of Xiao and Fang.



Link to evidence:

[1] [2]

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不但要警惕猖獗于东京的菊花与战刀, 还要提放潜伏在北京的菊花与方刀!


(二) 辱骂他人,情节恶劣的; 【请参考方舟子网站上文章】







中国应该制止所谓的私人学术打假,对网络暴力制定相关法律。像方舟子这样利用自己掌握的海外媒体,在互联网上散布流言,私设网上公堂,对学者和家人的超常规的精神骚扰,这一切都应该坚决排除。像肖传国这样一个得到海内外各级学术机构肯定和授奖的归国学者,不断地遭到一个无业游民的骚扰, 十年如一日,没有得到有关部门的制止,北京法院居然以学术问题不适合司法解决为由,判定肖传国败诉, 这一切,难道不应该引起我们深思么?强烈呼吁取缔方舟子的私人学术打假。严密监视新语丝读书论坛上对各行各业的科技专家的名誉损害。方舟子如果定居国内,应该按照中国互联网的有关法律,取缔新语丝网站。如果他有美国绿卡,应该勒令他在新语丝网站关闭之前,不得回国。



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